Adrenal Fatigue: Winning the Battle

Stupefied, I hit refresh. That can’t be right. Can it?!?  *hits refresh again, and again.* Jaw drops.  Holy sweet mother above it IS right.  I let out an involuntary ‘whoop’ and the old man beside me in the coffee shop lowers his newspaper to give a scowling look.  I say sorry, but there’s nothing sorry about my ear to ear smile.  He’s frankly lucky I didn’t jump on the table and dance.  That whoop was three years in the making!

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Ottawa Day Trip: North and South Glengarry Townships

I’ll be the first to admit that I love getting as many passport stamps as possible during the year. Traveling to foreign countries is exciting and exotic!  It can also be pricey, hectic, and chew up those vacation days.  Sooooooo if a little ‘staycation’ is your deal or if you love exploring your own backyard Ottawa – then this day trip to North and South Glengarry is ... Continue Reading

Coping Skills: When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons

Brush off those coping skills, what do you do when life gives you (perceived) lemons? I’m pretty sure my own life gave me whiplash this week.  If you have been following on Instagram you would have gotten that vibe.  It’s like I unknowingly double booked myself for the school of hard knocks and a summer abundance camp in the same week.  Ah-mazing. **rolling ... Continue Reading

Birthday Goals: Getting Older Isn’t Scary, It’s Motivational AF.

Birthday Goals Notebook

Birthday goals, got any? I have twenty. Twenty lofty little goals and I'm shouting them out to give you ideas and keep my arse accountable to them... **squirrel** I looked up from ordering my usual grande-dirty-chai-latte-with-coconut-milk at Starbucks to see their new summer slogan of 'good feels good'...well shit, I should have thought of that motto first! ... Continue Reading

Mindfulness Trick To Help Beat The Blues

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. It started out as a personal necessity. The winter was rough on three fronts; academically, financially, and on my health.  It was becoming increasingly hard to remain positive despite the fact that comparatively life was good.  Partly to blame is stress and adrenal fatigue. Sound familiar? I had excellent family support, loving ... Continue Reading