Rx: Sunshine, Fresh Air, and Lamas?

Well lamas and alpacas really.  The goofiest looking animals.  Especially when the get shaved down…it’s hard to keep a straight face when looking at them.

After days of being sick and tired (and tired of being sick and tired), I decided to get up and visit my parents.   Great idea really, except they weren’t home.  Those goofs have better social lives than I do.  So I had a visit with the animals instead – two lamas, two alpacas, and Tommy the cat.


Yes, it’s a shameless selfie, ha ha, I’m good with it! So are they it seems.

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Me? Healthy, happy, balanced? Funny.

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Let me clarify - I am not a shining example of a healthy, happy, balanced life.   Sure, sure, I blog my little heart away on such things - but I am not this thing. This glossy, perfect, preachy, oh-look-at-those-abs, everything is horseshoes and unicorns thing. Nope.  Ha ha. Not me. What I am however is... ... Continue Reading

How Does Healthy Taste?

taste buds

Because really, is it me, or is the more you change your diet - the more your taste buds changes as well? All of a sudden sweet treats are too sweet, added salt is too salty, and processed foods are too plastic like. Usually as we age our taste in foods alters, however changing your diet around can make a greater impact than you might think as well! ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie

chocolate raspberry breakfast smoothie

Right, so first of all anything with chocolate goodness makes me very very very happy.  Because really, who isn't happy with chocolate in there lives?!? To top it off this chocolate raspberry breakfast smoothie is made with nutrient dense ingredients and keeps you satisfied...heaven! ... Continue Reading

Stop The Blame And Own Your Life.


Life. It's yours by design. Own it. It's beautiful. Ever notice that we are quick to own our accomplishments? That career? I built it.  That promotion? All me baby. That award? My blood, sweat, and tears. That great marriage? I'm the backbone that makes it what it is. This fit body? I sweat for it. We post them, tweet them, instagram them, and tell stories ... Continue Reading