Lemonlike Twist: Vitamin Packed Probiotic Drink

vitaminSince I was a little girl, I’ve strongly disliked taking vitamins.  I can still remember crushing them with a spoon and then mixing it with a little honey.  Mock me at will, but I did this I right into my twenties. Ok, ok, thirties too.

What can I say, pills give me an upset stomach! **shrugs shoulders** Anyone else like this?!?!

If so, oh honey, do I have a delicious nutrient dense, dairy free, gluten free drink recipe for you!

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The surprising result of the 52 Hike Challenge

52 Hike Challenge

In the midst complete chaos last January, I did something that would have a surprising butterfly effect I couldn’t yet imagine -  I signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge. At the time, I was balancing (unsuccessfully I might add) a full 3rd year semester of nursing school while working as an information technology consultant, struggling financially (because university ... Continue Reading

Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar

What possibly could be more appropriate or fun for a winter social then having a hot chocolate bar? First of all – it’s chocolate. So that’s an instant win. Secondly, it can be traditional, vegan, paleo, keto-licious if you’re in to that...whatever suits your food style! Lastly, and arguably most importantly, you can up you hot chocolate game by adding a little ... Continue Reading

Festive Garlic Cheese Bread

festive garlic cheese bread

Scroll, scroll, scroll, woah. Browsing through Instagram I tumbled upon Jillian Harris' post of this delicious Christmas Tree Cheesy Bread.  It's hassle free, fun, and festive! Purrrrrr-fect for my little family dinner today. I couldn't believe how easy this was to throw together which is my kind of cookin'! Turned out great, thankfully, because I unknowingly ... Continue Reading

Adrenal Fatigue: Winning the Battle

Stupefied, I hit refresh. That can’t be right. Can it?!?  *hits refresh again, and again.* Jaw drops.  Holy sweet mother above it IS right.  I let out an involuntary ‘whoop’ and the old man beside me in the coffee shop lowers his newspaper to give a scowling look.  I say sorry, but there’s nothing sorry about my ear to ear smile.  He’s frankly lucky I didn’t jump on ... Continue Reading