Sunwarrior, Vega, and Pranin Organics: The Only 3 Supplements In My Cupboard

Today, the only supplements in my cupboard are from Sunwarrior, Vega, and Pranin Organics.  When I first got introduced to weights and working out, protein bars (aka junk filled candy bars) and shakes were all the rage.  All the cool kids were doing it. (Along with other things I’d never venture towards). Working out = consuming supplements.  Period.  I never calculated what my body needed.  I never tested to see if I lacked and vitamins or minerals.  I never read the ingredient labels.

Oye. How naive of me!

Man, have times changed. :) Continue reading . . .

Tosca Reno (Clean Eating): Meeting One Of My Role Models!

Tosca Reno (Clean Eating) - Tosca and I

By chance last Tuesday, I was on Twitter and noticed the Eat Clean Diet Team post that Tosca Reno would be at a book signing in Ottawa that Thursday. Tosca Reno? Here? Ottawa! Seriously?! Woohoo! Eeeek! **dancing** You see Tosca in my nutritional hero, and she unknowingly has changed the way I think about foods, myself, and life. ... Continue Reading

Juice Cleanse: 3 Surprising Benefits You’ll Love


Juice Cleanse: 3 Surprising Benefits You'll Love.  Move over Mr Weightloss and Mrs Detox, these benefits weren't what I expected after my three day cleanse! The skeptic in me has always been leary of cleanses and detox regimes (isn't that the point of your liver?) but love, love, LOVE the ideas of 100% wholesome, local, fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices ... Continue Reading

New Years Resolution: The ONLY One You Need


New Years Resolution: The ONLY one you need might just surprise you. It's not the enormoulsy popular and often daunting ideal top 2014 resolutions of losing weight, getting fit or curbing addictions.  It's not the impossible nor the one you'll be eager to ditch by February.  It's simple.  The only New Years resolution you need is; ... Continue Reading

Atlanta: Veterans, Strangers, and my best Tom Hanks.


Atlanta.  Veterans, Strangers, and my best Tom Hanks. Three years ago I deployed with the military to Afghanistan and ended up in the middle of craziness with the most amazing American soldiers anyone could ever wish to work with.   After going through so much together, a strong bond was created over memories rarely talked about.  Until this last weekend, because ... Continue Reading