With Winter Comes Night Running (Video)

Where did the summer go?! I’ve been in denial, because really, winter can’t be this close already can it?!  Yet the mornings are dark, sandals are stored, and my love of scarves has returned.

And with winter, comes the unpreventable season of  running in the dark. At least for those of us in Ottawa! Being this north means that you typically go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, days are short short short!

Here’s how I stay safe and my favourite products…

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Today’s Workout = Shaky Legs!

Kettle Bell Workout

Sexy little beast, non? Workout your lower body with this devil of a routine with all our fave players! Today's workout (5 Rounds!) 10 x weighted squats (optional: on bosu) 10 x deadlifts 10 x box jumps 10 x KB swings ...let the shaky legs begin...         ... Continue Reading

Blueberry Lime Smoothie


Who is going through an 'every needs lime in it' phase? *hand raised* Yup, this girl.  It's refreshing, and in this 'wear a ponytail and sports gear everyday cause you're going to sweat like a champ' humidity we need refreshing! Did I ever mention I don't have AC in my car? Balls. #firstworldproblems So ya, lime in everything. This one is quickly becoming a ... Continue Reading

Homemade Protein Bars and Hydration Boost!


Protein bars are a little miracles during hectic days, but the price of store bought protein bars makes me recoil my change purse in penny pinching horror.  Add that most have questionable ingredients and you have the perfect reason to create your own at home. It's cost effective.  It's healthy.  It's easy. I stumbled upon Vitacost.com's protein bar recipe on ... Continue Reading

Meal Pictures: What Do I Eat Daily?


Meal pictures are everywhere on social media.  I'm not quite sure if it's fueling our quest for new ideas or our every growing obsession with all things 'health'.  Either way - I honestly really enjoy them. I find them pretty. Soothing. Fun. So, I am that girl. The obsessive one that takes pictures of food. At home. In public. No shame here. You'll find them on the ... Continue Reading