Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie

Right, so first of all anything with chocolate goodness makes me very very very happy.  Because really, who isn’t happy with chocolate in there lives?!?

To top it off this chocolate raspberry breakfast smoothie is made with nutrient dense ingredients and keeps you satisfied…heaven!

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Stop The Blame And Own Your Life.


Life. It's yours by design. Own it. It's beautiful. Ever notice that we are quick to own our accomplishments? That career? I built it.  That promotion? All me baby. That award? My blood, sweat, and tears. That great marriage? I'm the backbone that makes it what it is. This fit body? I sweat for it. We post them, tweet them, instagram them, and tell stories ... Continue Reading

Mardi Gras: 5 Surprising Facts You Never Knew

Mardi Gras Party Goers

Mardi Gras elicits a seemingly singular response from friends and family that revolves around the belief that going means that you are going to be letting your morals loose and your boobs free. "How did you get so many beads eh?" "Bet you partied the whole time!" "Oh ya, did you show your boobs?!?" "Better let you go so that you can get back to the ... Continue Reading

The Courage To Live Life


What is the way of life you love? Do you have the courage to live it? ... Continue Reading

5 Stops That Make Sundays My Healthiest Day!


Everyone celebrates Fridays, in all of its glory for finishing the work week, as my Facebook feed can attest. Fridays are great, lovely even, but this year it's Sunday that reigns supreme as my favourite health driven day! Sure, there is the notion that Sundays are for rest (and they are mostly) but with such a busy schedule (work, school, sleep - repeat) I finally ... Continue Reading