5 Stops That Make Sundays My Healthiest Day!

Everyone celebrates Fridays, in all of its glory for finishing the work week, as my Facebook feed can attest. Fridays are great, lovely even, but this year it’s Sunday that reigns supreme as my favourite health driven day!

Sure, there is the notion that Sundays are for rest (and they are mostly) but with such a busy schedule (work, school, sleep – repeat) I finally managed to make Sundays all about ‘self’ with things that really get my heart racing, my body nourished, and my soul enlightened!

So what exactly does a health driven girl’s Sunday in Ottawa look like?

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Diet Danger: A lesson to EAT MORE

Being healthy is about the best balance for YOUR body! (Source)

If I hear the over simplification that weight loss is just a "calories in/ calories out" formula and that I should eat less to lose weight...I might just lose my bananas.  It's saying that physics is just math.  Talk about an oversimplification. A statement like that is misleading. It could lead to more harm than good to someone's health.  Like mine.  Maybe ... Continue Reading

Resolutions – Stumbling Or Soaring?

Create healthy habits, not restrictions

New Years resolutions.  It has only been 12 days.  At first glance, I'm stumbling with mine.  Some would even say I'm failing.  Potato poh-ta-toh.  As I eat two absolutely delicious cookies the other day it briefly entered my mind that one of my new years intentions was to have no sugar for 6 weeks.  Huh.  **I thought with my cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk with sugary ... Continue Reading

Skinny Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie

Skinny Baked Mac & Cheese - Recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie

Fact: I absolutely love recipes by Chocolate Covered Katie. Fact: I have an adorable niece that looooooooves mac & cheese...and she has an aunt that tries her best to make it healthier for her (often I think she must love me because they aren't always the best tasting, ha ha) Fact: Chocolate Covered Katie posted a recipe for Skinny Baked Mac & Cheese ... Continue Reading

Fitness Goals 2015


Fitness goals...seems daunting but it's that time of year! After what seemed like an eternity of becoming unfit, the holiday break was perfect to zero in on what fitness aspire to and how to achieve them.  It makes me wonder why, if we all know what's healthy for us (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc) do we sometimes opt not to? There was finally a wee moment to just ... Continue Reading