Birthday Goals: Getting Older Isn’t Scary, It’s Motivational AF.

Birthday goals, got any? I have twenty. Twenty lofty little goals and I’m shouting them out to give you ideas and keep my arse accountable to them…


I looked up from ordering my usual grande-dirty-chai-latte-with-coconut-milk at Starbucks to see their new summer slogan of ‘good feels good’…well shit, I should have thought of that motto first! **facepalm** (really wish I did).  I digress…

So here’s a little secret that amazed some on Instagram – it was my birthday this week and I turned THIRTY NINE.  Meaning one more little year before the big ol FOUR-OH hits. **Eeekk** And really the only thing that really sums up how I feel is ‘good feels good’.

Birthday Goals Hello 39

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Mindfulness Trick To Help Beat The Blues

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. It started out as a personal necessity. The winter was rough on three fronts; academically, financially, and on my health.  It was becoming increasingly hard to remain positive despite the fact that comparatively life was good.  Partly to blame is stress and adrenal fatigue. Sound familiar? I had excellent family support, loving ... Continue Reading

Oh The Lessons Of Spartan

Spartan Race Medal

Spartan, oh you're a beast of a thing! There is a big difference between 5 kilometers and 5 miles.  Not only in distance but in my mindset as well. So, there we were at the starting line of the Spartan Sprint at Fort Carson when I was corrected…the course isn’t an easy 5k, but a 5 miler chalk full steep inclines. Well now, there’s a mind f**k for ya seconds before ... Continue Reading

Pranin Organic PureFood Smoothie Boosters – Review

PureFood Smoothie Booster

Pranin Organic PureFood Smoothie Boosters - are they worth it? To be honest, I've been a lover of Pranin Organic pretty much since its conception.  They are a Canadian company (yay us!) that make "100% organic, non-gmo nutritional products made entirely from plants".  Entirely from can that not make you smile?!? When they called and asked if I ... Continue Reading

Outward Bound Veterans Program

Outward Bound Canada

Ok, Outward Bound Canada Veterans Program. Get me the f&*k out of here. Now. Those were my thoughts by the first night, and the second, and the third for that matter. What the H-E-double hockey sticks did I get myself into?!? I'm uncomfortable, unprepared, unsure, angry, tired, moody, overwhelmed, and out of place. This just might possibly be just the ... Continue Reading