Eastern Townships: Ottawa Getaway Trip

On Monday I decided to take my mother and niece on a surprise Ottawa getaway trip for just us girls!

The hints were that we were on an Ottawa getaway that involved something beautiful, something adventurous, and something magical…to which my 5 year old niece responded; “is it a unicorn?”

Solid guess.

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The Mountains Unite Us


“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” ~ Dr Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! Often people ask why on earth we hang out together.  Honestly, if we took personality or aptitude tests we'd most likely all score differently - in extremes.  We are a melting pot of varied pasts, experiences, and beliefs!  ... Continue Reading

Rx: Colorado Springs, Veterans, and Spartan?

Fort Carson's Military Sprint Spartan Race

"Is there a bottom to this mountain?!?" Megg asked aloud with a serious face. Funny, I have been asking the same question about life lately. We just climbing over 2400 steps, 1.1 mile, grade up to 68%,  2100ft in elevation gain, and were now making our way down a seemingly endless trail. The landscape was beautiful, the company second to none. Our legs were ... Continue Reading

Rx: Sunshine, Fresh Air, and Lamas?


Well lamas and alpacas really.  The goofiest looking animals.  Especially when the get shaved down...it's hard to keep a straight face when looking at them. After days of being sick and tired (and tired of being sick and tired), I decided to get up and visit my parents.   Great idea really, except they weren't home.  Those goofs have better social lives than I do.  ... Continue Reading

Me? Healthy, happy, balanced? Funny.

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Let me clarify - I am not a shining example of a healthy, happy, balanced life.   Sure, sure, I blog my little heart away on such things - but I am not this thing. This glossy, perfect, preachy, oh-look-at-those-abs, everything is horseshoes and unicorns thing. Nope.  Ha ha. Not me. What I am however is... ... Continue Reading