Matcha Key Lime Tarts

I WANT KEY LIME!!!! I swear, my hormones have been screaming that all week.  All of Ottawa might have heard.  The devil is that I think Facebook knew this (those masterminds) and kept promoting key lime goodness adds in my feed.  Then there were the memories of the delicious key lime pie we had at Cafe Milagro during my Costa Rica trip. Sigh. LOVE.

So…what’s a girl to do?

Create her own damn key lime pie.

This one is  clean eating, vegan, paleo, and microbiome diet friendly depending on how you sweeten it. 😉

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Costa Rica: A Little Glimpse of Heaven

Costa Rica

I'm not sure if I know one person that hasn't gone to Costa Rica and come home raving about it.  In fact, I know a lot of people that simply don't come home.  Or they come home and immediately start search for property to buy down there as an escape in the winters.  Everyone loves Costa Rica. Me too. And here is WHY: ... Continue Reading

A love affair with Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast Bowl #2

If you have been following my Instagram lately, you would know that breakfast bowls are slowly taking over my life.  It's like a little game of 'how much nutrition can I pack into this bowl' every morning! And let's face it, breakfast bowls are pretty.  And delicious. And oh so good for us. I've been put on a strict diet by my doctor in order to deal with Adrenal ... Continue Reading

Today’s Workout = Shaky Legs!

Kettle Bell Workout

Sexy little beast, non? Workout your lower body with this devil of a routine with all our fave players! Today's workout (5 Rounds!) 10 x weighted squats (optional: on bosu) 10 x deadlifts 10 x box jumps 10 x KB swings ...let the shaky legs begin...         ... Continue Reading

Blueberry Lime Smoothie


Who is going through an 'every needs lime in it' phase? *hand raised* Yup, this girl.  It's refreshing, and in this 'wear a ponytail and sports gear everyday cause you're going to sweat like a champ' humidity we need refreshing! Did I ever mention I don't have AC in my car? Balls. #firstworldproblems So ya, lime in everything. This one is quickly becoming a ... Continue Reading