Resources to fuel your hiking adventures and well-being in nature

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Detailed Trail Info

Pick the right trail to meet your specific goals and needs in nature. Whether you are looking for adventure or seeking wellness in the wild, we have the trails for you.

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Smart Resources

Fuel your best trail adventures with exclusive resources including packing lists to safety to responsible recreation tips.

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Health Connection

Experience the health benefits of nature through discussions and insights on burnout, trauma, well- being, and healthy habits.



How to use the region’s best hiking resources

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Learn the Basics

Become a confident hiker and maximize your adventures through knowledge with these easy-to-digest basics.

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Find a Trail

The ultimate Trail Finder Map for Southeastern Ontario with 80+ trails (and more to come!) and the details you need for each. Includes searching by hiker type and trail features.

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Plan + Prepare

Be prepared and prevail on any hiking adventure with packing and gear lists, seasonal considerations for the trails, or take one of the 10 regional hiking challenges with us.

Because our health, and nature’s health, are one.

GirlGoneGood® is proud to be involved with the following charities and organizations:


How to use the well-being resources

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Read the Blog

Explore captivating articles and helpful resources drawn from experience with mental health, habits, trauma growth, stress, and burnout/recovery.

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Buy the Book

Coming in 2022, read the newly released ‘Life by a Thousand Cuts’ by Vickie Lanthier.

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Shop Merch

Look great and support amazing causes. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Boots on the Ground, a mental health charity that provides 24/7 peer-to-peer support for emergency services workers.


More than peak baggers and Insta pics – Our goal is to create a lasting positive impact for the sake of our future generations through the power of the community by raising $30,000 for conservation efforts and mental health charities by December 2022.

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