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Learn the Basics


Learn The Land

Learn the Land

Hiking and respecting our local trails becomes effortless when you understand the land.

We’ll make it clear as mud by answering questions like: Who manages the land? Why are there different trail rules? What the heck is a watershed? What First Nations land are we hiking on?

Safe Hiker

Safe Hiker

Ever been creeped out on the trail? Or encounter wildlife? Or ran out of water or cell service?

Access the insights and helpful hiking hacks that make all-the-difference when it comes to safe hiking so you can hike with confidence!

10 Essentials

10 Essentials

The 10 essentials are considered the minimum that each person should carry to recreate outdoors safely.

There are a few different variations depending on if you’re day hiking, backpacking, or camping – but this list is my favourite for Ottawa and region.

Learn The Land

Leave No Trace

Learn the ‘Golden Rules’ for responsible recreation.

These 7 principles for outdoor recreation were established by the Leave No Trace Center of Outdoor Ethics are the key to engaging in responsible recreation…and, well, being better humans overall in nature.

Find a Trail

Find the perfect trail for your next adventure with the most comprehensive trail finder map for Southeastern Ontario. You’ll have access to over 80 trails (and more to come) with all the key details and insider information. Happy hiking!

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Total Distance of Trails (km): 4.5

1319 9th Line RR#2, Carleton Place, ONK7C 3P2

If you’re looking for a family friendly, dog friendly, even grounded trail with all the trees and birds – then this is an easy win. It is ideal for hiking, running, snowshoeing. The trails are mostly flat and wide making them accessible to robust strollers.

Total Distance of Trails (km): 8

867 Carbine Rd, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0

There are up to 8kms of trails on this 200 acre property. The beauty is that there are a multitude of side trail loops which gives us the options to hike as short or as long as we want. If you take the outermost loops then you can hike just over 4kms in one circuit.

Total Distance of Trails (km): 2

Concession Rd 6 North Darling, Clayton, ON K0A 1P0

Mac Johnson is a fantastic family friendly area that's ideal for hiking, birding, running, and snowshoeing. There are often events held at this location through the year and there is a skating pond in the winter.

Total Distance of Trails (km): 12

Barrett Chute Rd, Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0

A very popular trail system, it mostly gets busy with families, tourists, and people training after 9am on the weekends. With 6 lookouts, hiking manitou mountain (versus just eagles nest) is recommended. There is geocaching onsite.

Total Distance of Trails (km): 4.5

Chem. de l'Hôtel de Ville, Luskville, QC J0X 2G0

Luskville Falls is a popular favourite for those looking for steep elevation and a challenging rocky terrain (especially on the descent) with the option of a longer hike to the fire tower. The falls is best in the spring.

Total Distance of Trails (km): 100

6700 Salmon Lake Rd Sydenham K0H 2T0

Hands down the highlight of these trails is the wildlife. They also have interpretive trails, lookouts, and open year-round for backcountry recreation (48 interior campsites). All vehicles must park in a designated area and display a valid park permit.

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Plan + Prepare

Packing Checklists

Packing Checklists

Take the thinking out of packing with these incredible packing lists
and checklists for pre-hike, day hikes, and post hikes. We’ve also included helpful hiker hacks!

Seasonal Considerations

What to Wear Hiking

Tips on what clothing, footwear, and extras to wear hiking because no matter what kind of hike you’re going on, what you wear makes a difference when it comes to your safety and comfort level.

Safe Solo Hiker Checklist

Safe Solo Hiker Checklist

Nervous about hiking alone? Check out this comprehensive list of considerations, habits, and gear to minimize risk and increase your hiking confidence!

Seasonal Considerations

Seasonal Considerations

Keeping you safe through the seasons with education on how hiking changes with the seasons, how to react safely to wildlife, winter gear, hunting season, mud season and more!

Join A Hiking Challenge

Join a Hiking Challenge

Join the community of challenge seekers with our 10 unique and fun challenges – one for every type of hiker and
open to everyone. Complete one, or all
and earn your tab!
Little Hikers Club

Little Hikers Club

This is THE spot for little hikers! Boat loads of resources, outdoor activities, and family friendly trail recommendations for Ottawa and region to keep your little hikers safe and having fun in the wilderness.

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