The Wilderness Series

Welcome to The Wilderness Series! What is it? This series is a hiking challenge for Ottawa and surrounding areas. Specifically designed to get us outside more often while discovering different paths, flora, and fauna.

You are being challenged to put city life on pause and venture outdoors. To regain that wild spirit. To breath in fresh air. Maybe even rediscover or reinforce a love for the outdoors. As a result, you might be surprised by the benefits and what you discover! So, are you game?

Here’s the deal, you have the whole year to complete this challenge. Once completed, the bragging right are all yours! Plus there will be merch for purchase that you can snag to announce your victory. Because. #humblebrag

So, are you wondering where to hike? Well, check out ‘A 2020 Guide To Adventure for the Ottawa Region‘ where there are several hiking trails listed, by county, for Ottawa and the region.

Alright, now the good stuff! There are two ways to complete this challenge, you ready?

The Wilderness Series A – County Proud

Oh, to be County Proud! Do you venture out to the counties often? There are some incredible trails and perks in each. So so many. Such gems! Complete two hikes from each of the counties listed in this guide for a total of 20 hikes within the calendar year.

Here are my top recommended hikes in each:

The Wilderness Series B – City Slicker

Alright city slickers, you might be surprised at what you find within city limits! Complete a total of 20 hikes from those listed in the Ottawa-Carleton and Gatineau Park.

Hiking trails are listed in ‘A 2020 Guide To Adventure for the Ottawa Region‘ along with a quick snap of trail information like distance, number of trails, elevation gain, dog friendly, accessibility, and features.

Snap a picture, tag @girlgonegood and use #gggwilderness to be featured on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? With the whole year to complete 20 hikes, this is one New Years resolution you can keep! For everyone that beyond busy, there are ways to enjoy this challenge and get ‘er done.

So try swamping indoor socials with friends for outdoor hikes together. Or maybe make Sunday morning your family hike mornings. And if you’re really lovin’ the outdoors like me, you can keep a hiking ‘go bag’ in the trunk of your car. Because really, getting outside is good for us.

Victoria xo