Two Creeks Forest Conservation Area in Morrisburg: Hiking Guide

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What if I told you that there’s a magical forest in Morrisburg? One that’s rich with diverse flora and all-the-birds. Hmm, and geocaching. An easy 4.5km hike. Oh, and it has two beaches nearby that you can enjoy post hike. Aaaand you can go watch the big ships go through the locks and sail down the St-Lawrence. Plus a few solid other hikes along the route if you wanted to make it a double hike kinda day? Ok then, read on…

The Low Down

  • Distance from Ottawa: 90 kms (1hr)
  • GPS Coordinates: 44°51’56.2″N 75°16’23.7″W
  • Address: 11319 County Road 2, Morrisburg
  • Directions: Take Bank St (South) all the way into Morrisburg. Turn right on Hwy 2 in Morrisburg. Drive 7kms then parking is clearly indicated on the right (north) side.
  • Entrance Fee: Free.
  • Parking: Small gravel parking lot with trail map.
  • Trailhead: Located at parking.
  • Number of Trails: 1 (loop)
  • Total Distance of Trails: 4.5kms.
  • Elevation Gain: None.
  • Washrooms: No.
  • Cell Reception: Yes.
  • Season: All seasons.
  • Features: Silver maples, birds, wildflowers.
  • Activities: Hiking, Walking, Dog walking, Geocaching, Birding, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Interpretive trail.
  • Dogs: Permitted on leash.
  • Suggested Stops: Morrisburg beach, Iroquois beach, Iroquois locks, and Cup of Jo’s in Winchester.
  • Nearby Hikes: Limerick Forest and Oschmann Forest.
  • More Information: Visit South Nation Conservation.

What to Bring

Besides the 10 essentials and what I would normally suggest for hikes, here are the highlights for this particular hike:

  • Bug hat/gear: Typical Ontario with the abundance of mosquitoes in the late spring especially. So if there’s no wind, you might want to think about bug gear, or at the very least, bug spray.
  • Waste bag: What you hike in with, you hike out with. That’s the golden rule, and if you see anything that’s not part of nature (like food wrappers) kindly pick it up to throw out later.

In Good Company

Epione Health is a new integrative clinic in Cornwall that is planning to launch business this fall. I met up with one of their Naturopathic Doctors for the hike (yay instagram insta friends!) and an amazing chat! That’s one aspect of social media that I admittedly really enjoy, meeting amazing new people that become friends and/or business collaborators down the road. Epione Health does in depth testing and looks closely at diet and lifestyle. They focus their professional expertise on fatigue, gut health, hormone health, thyroid, diabetes, and much more. So if you live in Stormont, Dundas, & Glengarry keep an eye out for Epione in the future to guide your health.

Two Creeks Forest Trail

This honestly can best be summed up as the bridges and birds trail. Ok ok, it’s more than that, but it is a prime spot for birds (bird habitat area and birdfeeders along the path) aaaaaand there’s more than a few wooden bridges which is super cute.

The Two Creeks Forest Conservation Area trail is 1-2 person wide, sections or dirt path and grass path, and very well marked with two large trail maps at the main intersections.

It is a 4.5km loop that takes you through a grove of silver maples and a wide open grass field that is used as a bird habitat site.

Two Creeks Forest Features

The main features are as mentioned above, plenty of bridges and a nice easy walk through the forest. It is an interpretive trail with 9 points of interest along the way which include silver maple, bur oak, alder, streams, wetlands, grasslands, and forest. There’s rhubarb along the first section of the trail and we even spotted a purple iris.

Two Creeks Forest View Points

Although no dramatic view points, coming out of the forest (if you hike the loop counter clockwise) and into the the large grassy fields on a clear day is pretty beautiful and should be appreciated.


All the birds. It genuinely seemed like the whole forest was signing. Birding rejoice, this is a prime spot. Besides that though, the only other wildlife we saw was a few frogs making their way across the trail.


No nearby accommodation recommendations at this time.

Nourish Thy Self

If it weren’t for the current pandemic, there would have been a stop at Cup of Jo’s along the way for coffee or post hike lunch! They have adapted by doing online meal orders for right now and we’re looking forward to the day they’re open fully again.

Wrapping Up

What a day guys. Seriously! And amazing morning hiking with Epione Health, then the Nation Valley News published an article on GirlGoneGood and the new ultimate hiking guide for Ottawa & Region. Oh, and the incredible 692 Coffee and Bar in Manotick is open again! Hint hint, nudge nudge, they’ll be one of the locations where you can buy your copy of ‘A 2020 Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa & Region’!

Victoria xo