Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) in North Frontenac: Trail Report

Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) in North Frontenac: Trail Report

Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area (PCCA) Trails – are fantastic. Why? Because there are multiple trails, some decent elevation for Ontario, and two lookouts. Can it be one of our favourites? I know…there are plenty of “favourites”. Let’s just say it was completely enjoyable and exactly what was needed.

Suggested Stops

This is how I discover most things: drive down roads I’ve never taken, fly by a point of interest, pull a u-turn, and go check it out. Same same when it came to finding Harvest Bakery on my way to hiking the PCCA Trails! Flew by, then it took a solid 5 seconds to register that there was a bakery and it looked fun. They are located at 2988 Elphin Maberly Rd in McDonald’s Corners. Aaaand the may have the best lemon tarts I’ve ever tasted. #justsayin

Important Insights

Large parking lot at Palmerston Lake. Also and active boat launch, park with this in mind and kindly don’t block boaters.

Land Acknowledgement

These are the lands of the Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ and Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) people.⁠ It is important as avid hikers and stewards of the land, to acknowledge and understand the full story our surroundings along with the people that care for her, both past and present. As sourced from, if there are corrections please send to

Land Management

PPCA is managed by North Frontenac.

GPS Coordinates

45.03804172576603, -76.8138763593266

Street Address

Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area, Arcol Rd, Ompah, ON K0H 2J0



Large parking lot at trailhead.

Cell Reception



None. Follow Leave No Trace toileting guidelines



Trail Details

Entrance Fee

Hours of Operation

All seasons. Open dawn to dusk daily.

Trail Map

Available from North Frontenac.


Located across the road from the parking lot.

Number of Trails


Total Distance (km)


Elevation Gain (m)


Cell Reception



Woodlands, Marshlands, Ecological Significance, Picnic Area


Hiking, Birding, Snowshoeing, Fishing


Permitted on-leash. Absolutely no off-leash permitted. See the Ultimate Guide to Hiking with Dogs in Ottawa and Region.

Trail Description

The trails at Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area are very well marked with a clear trail map at everyone major intersection. There are seven trails total varying from 300m to 1km and can be combined to hike up to 5kms. The paths vary between being wide enough for ATVs (not allowed, just giving a visual here, ha ha) and being 1 person wide only with some overgrowth. There are decent elevation gains on trillium, pickerel, and cattail. The most challenging section is along cattail trail just prior to reaching the vista lookout if hiking counter clockwise. Cattail Trail: 1km, vista lookout. Crow Trail: 720m Sumac Trail: 725m Trillium Trail: 300m, sheltered rest area, lakeview lookout. Pickerel Trail: 420m, lakeview lookout. Beaver Trail: 475m Juniper Trail: 740m, beach at parking lot.

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