Mont Gosford (Eastern Townships): Trail Report

Mont Gosford (Eastern Townships): Trail Report

The second highest summit in southern Quebec! The views are unparalleled at the peak of this challenging hike. There no wifi or cell range with the exception of at the peak. This was perfect, offering complete forest immersion.

Suggested Stops

If you’re venturing out the Friday after work, it’s worth it to stop and stay in Sherbrooke (4hr drive) and then head to Mont Gosford in the morning. On the way back you pass Mont Megantic which has an observatory at the summit and drivable during the summer months.

Important Insights

The hiking trails at Mont Gosford are closed annually during hunting season, check on their website for exact dates prior to heading out. The parks office is open starting at 8am and you need to register and pay the entry fee per person. They are primarily french speaking so it’s ideal to know a little french yourself and be well informed about the trails/accommodations prior to arriving. I found the staff to be very helpful and kind – if you have questions, they’re the experts to ask!

Land Acknowledgement

These are the lands of the Wabanaki (Dawnland Confederacy), Nanrantsouak, Wendake-Nionwentsïo, Abenaki / Abénaquis, Arosaguntacook people.⁠ It is important as avid hikers and stewards of the land, to acknowledge and understand the full story of our surroundings along with the people that care for her, both past and present. As sourced from, if there are corrections please send to

Land Management

Mont Gosford is managed by the Gestion Mont Gosford. Mont Gosford is Quebec’s 16th highest peak and southern Quebec's 2nd highest peak sitting at 1193m (3914feet).

GPS Coordinates

45.32861, -70.90176

Street Address

901 Rang Tout-de-Joie, Woburn, QC G0Y 1R0


Distance from Ottawa: 451 kms (roughly 5hrs) via highways 417/30/10/610/212. I highly recommend taking the 30 around the south of Montreal regardless of what the GPS says, it’s a sanity saver to avoid the city traffic. Sherbrooke has a Starbucks, otherwise you’re looking at Tim Hortons or McDonalds coffee only on this. The road leading into Mont Gosford (Rang-tout-de-joie) is a dirt road with a few pot holes but otherwise well maintained.


Large parking lot at trailhead.

Cell Reception



Outhouses onsite otherwise please abide by outdoor washroom etiquette.



Trail Details

Entrance Fee


Hours of Operation

All seasons. Open dawn to dusk daily.

Trail Map

Available from Mont Gosford.


Located at the parking lot.

Number of Trails


Total Distance (km)


Elevation Gain (m)


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Hiking, Snowshoeing

Trail Description

We ended up taking the very clearly marked trail #6 and trail #8 to the summit for a total of 7.1kms one way. The first 2kms were dry enough and through the forest, then came 2kms of boot sucking mud (in spots) as the trail was literally a water stream. The final 2-3kms is a mix of steep incline, forest, and snow. Like up to yo waist snow. Being the smart cookies we are, we quickly figured out the best. route was to walk were the snowshoers (not a word but you get it) have compounded the snow. One accidental side step to the left or right and woooooooomph – instant sink in the snow up to your waist. I became the champ at these missteps and it felt like 2kms of pistol squats, ha ha, which, ummmm, I can’t actually do. We laughs tons, but oye, did the ‘ol legs ever feel the burn! I think Kris and I literally squealed with pure joy when we broke out of the tree. This was better than Christmas. Breaking out from the trail and onto the summit near takes your breath away – there it is, that oh so blue view of rolling mountain ranges. There are a few rock formations to serve as a wind break (much needed) and a look out tower that gives a stellar 360′ view. We were able to see Mount Washington and the Presidentials from the summit! Aaaahhhhh, life is good. Washington was one of my fave hikes that we managed to do a few years back. We rented a rustic cabin located 800m from the parking lot from the park itself for a relatively good price. The cabins are beautiful. Sparse, clean, and well maintained. It had an outhouse and all the firewood we could have needed. There was a pot and pan for our use. Kindly note that all instructions, including stove instructions, are in french only.

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