Kjeåsen Farm Trail (Eidfjord, Norway): Trail Report

Kjeåsen Farm Trail (Eidfjord, Norway): Trail Report

As a gateway in Hardangerfjord, Eidfjord is wonderful. Not only are there plenty of hiking options, but it’s a great place to refuel and rest up. It’s rated as a difficult hike, mostly due to it’s technical requirements and extremely steep elevation.

Suggested Stops

Bergslien Turistheim: Located only 50m from town centre at Elvavegan 9 (9 Elva Rd) is Bergslien Turistheim. We stayed in one of there well equiped cabin rooms that included a mini fridge, stove top, sink, double bed, sofa, and table. The washroom was outside the room, but private. Showers are operated by coin that you can get from the front desk. The staff, like most of Norway, was incredible pleasant, helpful, and kind. Fjell and Fjord: If you order a pizza at the Fjell and Fjord, they are delicious, but it’ll last you three days. Ha ha, splitting it is the better option. 😉 Wonderful coffee thank goodness, fresh salads, and those mini desserts are hard to pass up. Tidbit: The word ‘fjell’ means mountain. Norsk Natursenter Hardanger: Hardangerfjord’s nature center is 7kms away and offers up an interactive experience of exploring the geography and history of the area. It does cost however so we passed on the opportunity. There is also washrooms and free wifi here. Oh, and a goat housed on the roof? Voringfossen: One of Norway’s most celebrated waterfalls, Voringfossen is only 20kms away. Coming from Edifjord, the first view point of Voringfossen seems…lacking. You see the signs, pull over, grab the camera, and think – is this it?! Except the real view point and centre is up the road a few hundred metres and woah does she not disappoint!

Important Insights

It is asked that you do not drive up past 5pm in order to respect the inhabitants right to privacy.

Land Acknowledgement

None appropriate for this location, if there are corrections please send to victoria@girlgonegood.com.

Land Management

Kjeåsen is still a working farm and as such, it would be respectful to remain on the trails, treat the land well (leave no trace), and quietly enjoy the landscape that is graciously shared for our pleasure to view.

GPS Coordinates

60.50090655884363, 7.166082043087249

Street Address

Kjeåsen vente parkering Fv103 5783 Eidfjord Norway


Driving up was made possible in 1974 by the power company establishing a roadway of switchbacks and a tunnel to reach Kjeåsen. This is a narrow gravel road and only one lane wide. No worries though, they have an easy system of road sharing as long as you pay attention to the posted driving instructions. Every hour on the hour, traffic goes up the mountain. Every half hour on the half hour, traffic descends. The instructions are posted in four languages, and is sometimes missed by tourists so keep your eye out on the road during tourist season.

Tip: Downshift (yes, your automatic rental should have a manual shifting option) on those switchbacks to avoid burning out the breaks. Use that engine to slow down!


Medium parking lot at trailhead.

Cell Reception



Outhouses located at the parking lot.



Trail Details

Entrance Fee

Hours of Operation

Until 5pm daily.

Trail Map

Available from OUTTT.


Sæ in Simadal by /Statkraft

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Elevation Gain (m)


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Trail Description

It was mildly disappointing, yet completely the right decision, that we did not take the hiking trail up. It’s rated as a difficult hike, mostly due to it’s technical requirements and extremely steep elevation. The morning we were there, it rained the night prior and was still quite damp in the morning. It was a no-brainer to drive instead. “The hike starts at Sæ in Simadal by /Statkraft (parking by Sima Power Plant). From this point take a left towards the fjord to Kjeaneset. The trail forks off to the right and winds steeply up the mountainside. Ropes, logs and ladders are necessary aids along the way. Stunning views in several places along the trail.” ~ Outtt. Now this is one site rich with history, can you imagine living on a farmstead up 550m in elevation that is completely inaccessible from the town in the valley below with the exception of the steep technical hiking route?!? Simply to build an additional home, it took 30 years to complete by lugging the materials up by foot. It’s a bit wild to think about actually. The children would hike daily to attend school in the valley…and we raise a stink if our kids walk more than a km to school? Ha ha, try a dangerous mountain path. In a quiet open green patch of land, there is the view point we’re all looking for and it certainly does not disappoint. In the distance on the left you can see the docks in Eidfjord where the fjord boat tours launch from and the various waterfalls running down the mountains. Since we went up early (around 7am) we have this area to ourselves for well over an hour. It was peaceful, beautiful, and filled with bouts of great conversation.

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