Fannaråkhytta (Jotunheimen National Park, Norway): Trail Report

Fannaråkhytta (Jotunheimen National Park, Norway): Trail Report

As for Jotunheimen National Park, that was a no-brainer. It was both beautiful and accessible. So we made the one-lane-switch-backs-everywhere-foggiest-day-ever drive up to Turtagrø, deciding to camp the night at the Turtagrø Hotell and hike in the morning when the weather was more favourable.

Suggested Stops

The Lom Bakery is perhaps the most famous in all of Norway and considered a must stop after you drive through Jotunheimen National Park. It is located at Sognefjellsvegen 7, 2686 Lom, Norway.

Important Insights

Let us say how incredible kind and informative the staff at the Turtagrø Hotell are! First of all, I think I went back up to the front desk at least 10 times in a 30 minute period to ask questions about camping, weather, trails, amenities. There’sa large map at the front desk to go over the trails, they’ll gladly look up weather conditions and share their suggestions with you. It was nothing but laughs and smiles and helpful insight. Kudos to them!

The camping fees (which includes showers, wifi, lobby use, and coffee) are quite affordable. Surprisingly, the rooms are as well. The comfortable lobby area and library was a welcome change to camping life. The building at the back offers up rooms, showers (heated floors!), and something I’ve never experienced – a drying room for your clothing/gear. It’s set up like a sauna and a complete lifesaver. Apparently a common thing in Norway and I was pretty happy to have dry boots after such a muddy/wet hike!

Land Acknowledgement

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Land Management

Jotunheimen National Park

GPS Coordinates

61.50420953838551, 7.801866756612942

Street Address

Turtagrø Hotel, 6877 Fortun, Norway


Turtagro is located off Hwy 55 on a well maintained and paved mountain road. It is considered the gateway into Jotunheimen and a popular route for cars/buses/cyclists on their way to Lom.


At the Hotel.

Cell Reception



Located at the hotel.



Trail Details

Entrance Fee

Hours of Operation

The Fannaråkhytta is open from late June/July to September, double checked with Turtagrø Hotell prior to hiking.

Trail Map

Available from the Turtagrø Hotell.


Located at the parking lot.

Number of Trails


Total Distance (km)


Elevation Gain (m)


Cell Reception







Trail Description

We left from the Turtagrø Hotell following the signage for Fannaråkhytta (which you’ll see at both the starting point and at the base of the mountain trail). You walk through the valley following the dirt trail past private cabins and livestock. Once you hit the waterfalls on your right, it’s an easy steady incline of switch backs to the base of the mountain trail. The mountain trail itself leading up to Fannaråkhytta is well marked trail with the infamous red ‘T’ symbol painted on rocks. We hiked in early June and ended up crossing a few snow filled sections with caution. It took us 4 hrs from the hotel to reach the false summit. At which point I stayed to enjoy the views while the others hiked up to Fannaråkhytta (4 hr return trip). It happened that I wasn’t feeling well and smartly decided to stay behind at the rendez-vous point. Normally, we wouldn’t break up a hiking team however I was in a safe spot, had all my emergency kit, communications, and food/water/shelter. It was Davianna’s first ever alpine peak and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity! On the return, hiking poles were our best of best of friends. It was much easier to navigate the rock steps and steep trail with them. Of course, our Norweigan friend was skipping down the mountain with no poles and our lunch pot in hand…I assume that this is the perk of living in such mountain paradises, you become accustomed and strong. At the bottom of the mountain trail, the easy rolling meadows of the valley made a nice end to the 12hr day.

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