Top 10 Podcasts to Enjoy During Quarantine

Top 10 Podcasts to Enjoy During Quarantine

Top 10 Podcasts to Enjoy During Quarantine

There was been a new found appreciation for podcasts during our so called #mandatorystaycation of 2020. They have been playing drive long walks, slow runs, and while organizing my stuff (that would make Marie Kondo proud).

Why podcasts? Because they keep us engaged, entertained, and most often you end up learning a lesson or two or ten from them that can be applied to better your life.

There are 10 podcasts in particular that I thoroughly enjoy and all are centred about the values of wellness and wilderness. And that just so happens to be what GirlGoneGood® is all about right? Right. Let’s crack on with sharing those 10 amazing podcasts to get you though quarantine…

Top 10 Podcasts

The Power of Adventure with Megan Hines

Right, so I can’t really explain how amazing I honestly think Megan Hines is. She’s a survivalist consultant, celebrity expedition leader, author, and well…just all around amazing really. So this down to earth survivalist expert has a podcast, and it’s a really easy listen as she has inspirational conversations with other incredibly adventurous souls.

Wild Ideas Worth Living with Shelby Stanger

The title allow catch your attention doesn’t it? Adventure and outdoor lovers will enjoy the slew of expert interviews that includes explorers, health experts, scientists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and authors.

The Book of Man presents Wild Tales with Jason Fox

Wild Tales seems apt as Jason Fox pours the whisky and chats with adventurers, explorers, veterans, and the like about mental health, having grit, and all the adventurers.

The Minimalists with Joshua and Ryan

Ok, long time fan here! Are you? Joshua and Ryan are The Minimalists, the driving force behind teaching all how to “love people, use things”. The bring in authors, experts, and leaders to discuss everything from stuff to connection to finances to living our best lives.

The Rich Roll Podcast with Rich Roll

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Rich Roll podcast? Perhaps. But then we can’t be friends. Kidding! This well established podcast is a wealth of informative conversation on mindset, wellness, and healthy insights from athletes.

Optimal Living Daily with Justin Malik

Optimal Living Daily is about just that, discussions on the foundational aspects for a life well lived. This includes personal development, minimalism, and productivity. It’s in a blog like format, except you have a listen instead of sitting there with your eyes glued to the computer screen. Brilliant, let’s do it.

98 Podcast by 98 Riley St Gym

In my mind, this is my “home” gym. The reality is that this performance driven gym in Australia is on a class of it’s own…and I’m simply one of the many that thrives to complete their kick ass online program. The podcast focuses on the habits and ideas behind successful people.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

World famous author Brene Brown has spent over 20 years studying what drives meaning and purpose for each of us. This oh-so-real podcast goes right to the core of what it means to be human and how we connect.

The Dave Ramsey Show with Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is the influence that managed to guide my way through clearing 80k of debt in only 2 years. This financial guru is a straight shooter with his chats on money and debt.

The MindBodyGreen Podcast with Jason Wachob

Enjoy the open and honest conversations with MindBodyGreen founder, Jason Wachob. It all about well-being and includes frequent interviews medical and health experts.

Wrapping Up

What podcasts are you enjoying?

If you’re more into books, I’ve also posted my recommendation of Top 10 Books for you to enjoy. Feel feel to check out the shop for more recommended books and if this quarantine is proving to be a challenge (isn’t it for us all?) then have a read of my Top 10 Tips to Survive & Thrive during Covid19.

Victoria xo

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