The Scavenger Series

The Scavenger Series challenge is designed for the wee ones. Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt?!? Grab your littles and head out to a local trail to explore. Chances are you’ll both enjoy the time outdoors!

The Scavenger Series was created with a little learning and a little play in mind.

Since they were small, I’ve been taking my niece and nephew out hiking with me. There were some learning curves along the way but one thing that remained constant was their natural curiousity and love for scavenger hunts.

The Scavenger Series

Oh hey there savvy scavengers, who ready to explore? Let’s get outdoors and see what you can uncover!

Chutes de Plaisance

My niece says bonus points if you find a shiny rock, wild mushroom, or a robin! My nephew enjoys building cairns, inukshuks, and chasing gophers…I do not recommend the latter. Oh my heart.

Check off each scavenger item as you discover them and feel free to tag @girl.gone.good and use #gggscavenger to have your snaps featured on Instagram.

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”~ e.e. cummings

Wrapping Up

What trails did the kids enjoy the most? It seems Eagles Nest, Chutes Plaisance, Carbide Wilson, and Forest la blanche were the winners so far!

Of course, my niece did just ask for our next adventure to be in Hawaii. And if that happens, I fear nothing around here will compare again. Ha ha ha. #maybemaybenot

Victoria xo