Reveler Conservation Area in Crysler: Hiking Guide

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It is always a little wild to discover something new so close to home. With the booming question: “how have I not been here before!?!?” Only a few minutes from home, Reveler Conservation Area was a surprising and happy trail to stumble upon.

The Low Down

  • Distance from Ottawa: 53kms (40 mins).
  • GPS Coordinates: 45°12’18.7″N 75°13’24.1″W
  • Address: 14255 Concession 10-11 Road, Crysler
  • Directions: Take Hwy 417 East for 30kms from down town Ottawa. take exit 88 for St Guillaume Rd/County Rd 28. Continue South for 8km and turn left (East) at roundabout towards Embrun. In 1.6 kms turn right (South) on Ste Marie St/County Rd 29. Drive 6km (past Cannamore Orchards, then turn left on Concession 10-11 Rd. Parking for trailhead is in 1.5kms on left (hidden entrance).
  • Entrance Fee: Free.
  • Parking: Small lot for 8-10 vehicles.
  • Trailhead: At parking lot.
  • Number of Trails: 1 main loop (3 side trails)
  • Total Distance of Trails:
  • Elevation Gain: None.
  • Washrooms: None.
  • Cell Reception: Yes.
  • Season: All seasons.
  • Features: Diverse flora, wildflowers, birding (100+ species).
  • Activities: Snowshoeing, geocaching, birding.
  • Dogs: Permitted on leash.
  • Suggested Stops: Cannamore Orchard, Badwood Coffee, Étienne Brûlé Brewery
  • Nearby Hikes: Warwick Forest, J.Henry Tweed
  • More Information: This trail is managed by South Nation Conservation.

In Good Company

Although I explored this one on my own, it would be a wonderful spot for a family hike with younger kids. As a 3km loop with trail links for a short option and no elevation gain, this is an easier hike.

Reveler Trail

Reveler Conservation Area is a 100 acres parcel of land in the middle of the country. How quickly the world seems to disappeared once you start down the trail is a pleasant perk.

The 3km looped trail itself is 1-2 person wide, and brings you through shrubed areas, open field, and treed. The trail is easy to follow although better markings for the link trails would be ideal.

Reveler Features

If there would be a theme for this hike it would be the abundance of butterflies and wildflowers. Plenty of bright yellow, white, pink and purples lining the trail before venturing into the forested area.

Reveler ViewPoints & Wildlife

If hiking the trail counter clockwise (recommended), the open meadow view once you emerge from the trees is quite nice. The tall grass around is a great spot to keep an eye out for bird life as there have been 100 recorded bird species. Point of interest is that this includes the eastern meadowlark, the bobolink, and the loggerhead shrike These three species are local endangered!

There’s also a pond and a bench to rest along one the end of the trail if you are hiking counter clockwise.


No accommodation recommendations for this area.

Nourish Thy Self

Well now, it depends. If you’re looking for a post hike brew then I’d say head on over to the Étienne Brûlé Brewery in Embrun for cold one on the patio. If you’re looking for an iced or hot coffee or specialty latte…then there’s no doubt, head to Badwood Coffee in Metcalfe.

Wrapping Up

The great part about this trail is that it’s well managed, never crowded, easy to drive to, and there are plenty of nearby options like Warwick Forest if you decided that it should be a two hike kind of day.

Victoria xo