Little Hikers Club x Topo Adventures Trail Diary + Plant Press


Little Hikers Club x Topo Adventure Kit is for seekers of curios and wonder in Ottawa and region. Log your adventures and create fun family memories with the Trail Diary and Plant Press – they are great companions to promote curiousity, outdoor play, and responsible recreation!

Each purchase supports our sponsored mental health + local conservation charities.

This kit was a collaborative effort in the community, kindly visit Little Hikers Club to read about the contributors and their incredible local businesses.

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Little Hikers Club x Topo Adventure Kit includes:

  • 1 Little Hikers Club Trail Diary (capture their hikes, encourage kids to log and list out their fave experiences, packing lists): Topo Adventure made this pocket size diary for people who want to record their outdoor sessions, for a day or a multi-day trip. You can easily take it with you during your hiking adventures. This Diary will serve as the ultimate souvenir for beginner or confirmed hikers. Each Diary is printed locally in Montréal (Québec, Canada). It is made of 100 % recycled paper. Measurements: 4 x 5” (10,16 x 12,7 cm) fits in a regural size pocket. The Diary is in English.
  • 1 plant press: Topo Adventure made this plant press for nature lovers who want to bring some of their adventures home. This press is designed to be transportable and brought with you to any outdoor outing. **The elastics are used to hold the cardboard and the wooden boards together. They should not be very tight, otherwise they will break. There is no need to tighten the press too much for it to work properly. The elastics are therefore deliberately not very tight, they are adjusted to the size of the press. **# 1 SMALL Square : 8 cm x 8 cmEach plan press contains 2 wooden boards, 2 cardboards and 2 elastic bands.




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