WILD MESS – The Challenge Series Tab


All board the wild mess express! I mean really, it’s suited for these wild times isn’t it?! Introducing ‘The Challenge Series’ tabs. Barely noticeable at first glance, but oh-we-know, don’t we. We are the wild ones. The wild messes that are reaching out to nature like never before for some semblance of sanity. The ones that have adapted, misstepped, tripped, then adapted again. The ones that are doing our best. #wildmess

BACK STORY: Sooooo funny story about those olive green Challenge Series tabs… I ordered them. Proofed them myself. And then received them. Now it’s a bit of a joke. You see, on the flip side it’s suppose to say #wellnessandwilderness but what it actually says is #wellnessandwildemess. 🤨 Say whaaa? Like…wildemess. WILD MESS. 🙄 Sweet mother. Guys, I’m dying. Laughing so hard it hurts. #justawildmess over here. Aaaaaand I have 100 of ’em. Scratch that, I mean 300. Holy bananas. Limited edition as they say! Who’s in?!

DESCRIPTION: Each tab is 140x30mm, olive with white print, and includes key ring. Just like the ‘Remove Before Flight’ tabs but better, and more meaningful to you (hee hee). Display your Challenge Series tabs with pride! Clip them on to your backpack, use as a key chain, hang ’em from the rear view mirror.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Item ships within 1-2 days or order placed and is shipped through Canada Post in a compostable mailer (we are eco friendly!) or you can choose to pick up at Carlington Coffee House (dropped off weekly on Friday mornings).

THE CHALLENGE SERIES: The Challenge Series is found either in the ‘Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa + Region‘ or in The Challenge Series PDF download

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