Achievement Tabs for The Challenge Series


Did you complete one of the 10 challenges from The Challenge Series?!? Display your accomplishment  with pride with the Achievement Tabs! Just like the ‘Remove Before Flight’ tabs but better, and more meaningful to you. Display your achievement tabs with pride! Clip them on to your backpack, use as a key chain, hang ’em from the rear view mirror.

Each tab is 100x20mm, black with white print, and includes key ring. Item ships within 1-2 days or order placed and is shipped through Canada Post in a compostable mailer (we are eco friendly!).

There’s Achievement Tabs for each of The Challenge Series:

  • The County Series
  • The Urban Series
  • The Naturelist Series
  • The Adventurer Series
  • The Scavenger Series
  • The Experience Series
  • The Eco-Activist Series
  • The Wise Owl Series
  • The Water Otter Series
  • The Wellness Series

The Challenge Series is found either in the ‘Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa + Region ‘ or in The Challenge Series PDF download.


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