Pont de pierre in L’Outaouais: Hiking Guide

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Oh point de pierre…No. Oh hell no. No no no no no no. Utter disbelief crosses my face. Then laughter. Ugh, I literally just lost my phone in the lake because I was trying to take a selfie. Dumbass. Of course that would happen. **rolling eyes** There goes all my pictures from the week in the vallée-de-la-Gatineau area, texts that I wanted to keep, gone are my short notes and poems. Why? Because half way through the hike I thought it’d be pretty to take a selfie with the lake as a landscape. Who’s pretty? Apparently I’m pretty. Ha ha.

Undoubtedly, the pont-de-pierre trail will be one hike that’ll stick in the mind.  I mean, natural wonders aside…it was an expensive hike. 😛

The Low Down

  • Address: Chemin de la Baie Noire, Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, QC J0X 2X0 (1.5hrs from Ottawa)
  • Cell Reception: Yes
  • Trail Distance: Approx. 300m to 2kms (4 different trail options)
  • Elevation Gain: None.
  • Duration: 20mins to an hour return.
  • Dogs: Yes, on leash only.
  • Crowds: Light traffic.
  • Washrooms: Outhouse at the parking lot.
  • Entrance Fee: Free.
  • Season: All year.
  • More Information: Visit Pero Outaouais for more information including trail maps.

I spent the entire trek back reciting all the reasons that this didn’t deserve to be something to get upset about. Like really, it’s only pictures lost not limbs. Not like there was a bear attack or anything. And it’s just electronics, something that’s replaceable and that I have the means to <begrudgingly> replace. I’m able bodied and can enjoy hiking to my heart’s content. We’re pretty darn fortunate to have rich wilderness to enjoy. Instagram won’t fall apart without me…

What to bring

A water proof camera attached with a string?!? Kidding. Besides the 10 essentials and what I would normally suggest for hikes, here are the highlights for this particular hike:

  • Picnic: This would be a great spot to picnic or enjoy a coffee…just make sure to hike out everything you hike in.

Parking and Trailhead

The parking for this trail is off of chemin de la baie noire opposite from the trailhead. Both the parking and trailhead are clearly marked thanks to our friends at Pero Outaouais. There are outhouses onsite at the parking.

Tip: Watch your step walking over the wooden bridge at the trail head, it is deceivingly slippery when damp/wet.

Pont-de-pierre Trails

There are actually 4 trail variations to pick from. This trail system sits at the top of ‘lac des trent et un milles’ (31mile lake) and gives view points over ‘lac pont de pier’ as well.

The paths are very well marked wide dirt trails with wooden steps in key areas. There are large trail map boards at intersections for reference.

Points of Interest

The lookout is clearly marked just a few hundred metres into the hike. With a view of lac du pont de pierre it’s a cute spot to stop even though it’s not the highlight of the hike. Be careful of the step incline and slippery moss at this lookout, otherwise you’ll be going for an unintentional swim best case scenario.

Tip: Did you know that the word ‘belvédère’ means lookout point in French? Keep an eye out for this word while looking at trail maps in French regions.

‘Pont de pierre’ literally means ‘rock bridge‘ and it’s an interesting natural wonder to explore on this trail. Pictures don’t seem to do it justice but the water flows between lac du pont de pierre and lac petit ronde under a series of natural bridges covered in think bright moss. There’s a picnic area onsite.

The waterfalls is located between the rock bridge and lac petit ronde, with a wooden staircase leading down for the best views.

Of course there’s also the lake itself and docks…aka the site of death for my old iphone. There are multiple docks and a beautiful view.

pont de pierre

Wrapping it up

By the time I got back to the car, a few solutions were already rolling around in the ol’ noggin. We drove back to the cottage, still in disbelief and very much found humour that the gal that lives off her phone…dropped it in the lake. The next morning, I drove the 20 mins to Maniwaki where the kind souls at the Centre HiFi hooked me up with a brand new iPhone.  I guess it’ll be all the better for those hiking pictures right?! Ouff. Certainly helped while hiking Chute Rouge and Mont Morissette the next day!

Victoria xo