Perth in Lanark County: Exploration Guide

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What is your favourite local getaway? Yes, yes, I said local. Being a well-traveled gal, I love getting away to explore. Everything from hiking the highest mountain in Malaysia to canyoning in Switzerland to viewing the pyramids in Egypt with my mama.

But what about the gems in our own backyard?

It might surprise you to discover what’s near! This year I’m doing less international travel and more weekend getaways starting with a spa weekend in Perth, Ontario.

Actually, Perth was my last choice.

spa weekend perth

My friend and I had the rare opportunity for a girls weekend together and I was searching like a champ for a unique relaxing experience! I stumbled upon some great places, that I’ll end up booking (and sharing with you) throughout the year, but nothing was available for this weekend. *panic*

Then I remember a friend raving about the spa in Perth and how she loves to take a weekend away with her hubby there. Hmmm. Ok. Brilliant – let’s check this out!

spa weekend perth

The Hotel

WOW. Guys. Seriously. This is a gem for Ottawa folks! Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and indulge in treatments from the Parkside Inn and Spa attached to the Best Western Plus.

The room rates at the Best Western Plus are extremely reasonable and if you have CAA they offer even further discount. Parking and breakfast is included and I mean a real breakfast (pictured below) with options (woohoo!).

There is a Keurig coffee machine in the rooms and in the lobby at no charge.  A saving grace when your girls weekend partner is a night owl and you’re the early bird who enjoys writing first thing in the mornings. 🙂 More impressively there is an onsite mineral water pool, hot tub, sauna, and small gym. #winning

The rooms themselves are non-smoking, comfortable, super clean, and has spacious bath room with jetted tub and eco-friendly products.  Ahem, all my dog lovers…they also have pet friendly rooms available.

spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth

The Spa

I had the 100 min Abhyanga head to toe massage which they describe as an “ancient treatment using warm herbalized oils (selected according to the body type) is designed to improve circulation, remove toxins, calm the nervous system and enhance immunity. This soothing synchronized massage allows the therapeutic qualities of the herbs and oils to penetrate deeply into your body promoting healing at the micro-cellular level.”

Ouff. Highly recommend. I was so blissed out afterwards I nearly walked out without paying. Ha ha. My head was in the clouds. Oh, and they also have spa packages that include wine.  Just sayin’.

Their list of services is impressive and the spa itself has a very spacious, clean, and zen like setting.

spa weekend perth

Fab finds in Perth

Here are my favourite finds as recommended by friends and the hotel staff.

Coutts coffee

I’m a frequent flyer at Coutts Coffee Roastery & Cafe when taking country drives! Not only is this the cutest little coffee shop but it’s also the perfect spot to sit and read the newspaper, catch up with friends, or if you’re like me – write new blog posts like one on a local sunrise hike that I wrote yesterday!

Coutts has light lunch fare, pastries, and delicious coffee. Their coffee is organic and fair trade. They also have quirky décor, super friendly staff, and fun mugs for sale (I would like all the travel mugs please!).

While writing away, I met a lovely group of obviously health minded and active seniors (pretty sure they could all give my fit friends a run for their money) who offered the simple yet oh-so-true advice of “you are what you eat”.  Yes, indeed. Hmmm, I must be chocolate. *wink* Thankfully I just stocked up on healthy goods at Foodsmiths Grocery!

spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth

Foodsmiths Grocery

Foodsmiths is a health food grocery store that has pretty much everything your little health minded organic loving self could want. If I could, I’d do the bulk of my shopping here!

Fresh organic and local produce, beautiful handcrafted baskets from Africa, delicious bakery, your favourite kombucha, all the natural skin care brands, and one of the best local/organic meat selections I’ve seen yet.

My grocery cart was full of goodness and that instantly made me feel healthier. 😉

spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth

O’Reilly’s Pub

Right, so for a late lunch, the hotel staff recommended O’Reilly’s Pub and with good reason! The food was delicious.  It’s also a popular spot and instantly had a good vibe walking in.  We had the added bonus of sitting by the fireplace and right next to my boss. Ha ha, that was a little surprise. #greatmindsthinkalike

The beet salad was delish…but messy. Maybe I’m just the messy one. It’s debatable really.

spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth

Perth Chocolate Works

Oh-M-Gee, let me tell you – Perth Chocolate Works has chocolate covered brownies so that pretty much won me over. I mean, what’s a spa weekend without chocolate? Actually they have chocolate covered everything – raisins, potato chips, pretzels. It’s heaven with a side of down right dangerous. I guess it depends how much control you have around chocolate. In my case it’s none, and have a chocolate connoisseur I very much recommend the mint melts!

spa weekend perth
spa weekend perth

A little Sunday surprise?!

Saturday night I let it out on Instagram that I was in Perth for a spa weekend and my fave queen bee Emily from True Bee Honey promptly messaged that there was a Womens Health Event hosted by Andrea Picket Physiotherapy going on at the Best Western Plus.

Well that’s funny – I’m staying at the Best Western Plus! Hmmmm, so Sunday morning I wandered down to the lobby and made some new friends. 🙂

There were local artisans like Artizen Kombucha, health professionals, and local businesses set up and hosting workshops during the day. The beautiful part is that all of this was in support of the Lanark County Interval House for the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Spa Weekend Success

All in all, it was a fantastic girls spa weekend in Perth. What was my admittedly last choice is now going to be one of my first choices for weekend getaways in the future!

Gorgeous stone heritage building, plenty of shops and friendly local atmosphere, ah-mazing spa, and just an overall refreshing vibe…what’s not to love?!?

Now, it’s back to the big city…

Victoria xo