3 Packing Lists (Printables) for Amazing Day Hikes

Is there something is the air lately?! DMs have been blowing up with requests for trail info, gear, and packing lists! Thankfully, we got you.

If you’re looking for trail info, look no further than ‘A 2020 Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa & Region‘ or take a peak at the Trail Finder Map for hikes outside that area.

As for gear, no worries, you’re covered there too. Wander on over to top recommendations for gear and shop you’re heart out. Or look under recommendations for nutrition if hiking snacks are where it’s at.

As for packing lists?! Here. We. Go.

Day Hike Packing List

Do you bring a bag filled with all-the-things or wander up the mountain with only a water bottle and maybe a hat? Friends can attest that I am definitely the former. To the point of ridicule sometimes. And that’s ok! There’s a reason why I bring so much that any boy scout would be throwing out high fives for it’s awesomeness.

Regardless, it is always wise to have the ‘ten essentials’ with you on every hike.

Here’s the official GirlGoneGood packing list for day hikes. You can download all three packing lists here or from the free resources page.

Post Hike Packing List

The Post Hike Packing list is all about those hiking hacks and lessons learned.

Good example? Having a sticky lint roller (you know the ones that you peal and roll?!) on hand to roll along your clothing post hike to check for ticks. Another is to always have sandals to change into since feet swell while hiking and it makes for a more comfortable drive home.

Car Kit Packing List

And know you know. This, this is what takes up room in my car. Ha ha. Nothing but emergency and hiking gear. Why? Because it makes it easier to sneak in a hike after work. Or last minute if you discover a new trails while driving around. Having the car kit packing list done means you have that ‘grab and go‘ option. Always. If you’re not comfortable having it all in the truck of the car, another option is to keep your gear clean and prepped in the garage or in the home. Forever ready for a new adventure.

Important note: It is not advisable to leave bug spray / bear spray / hand sanitizer in the car during the summer due to being a combustible / fire hazard.

Day Hike Champ

There’s a whole blog post on how to be a day hike champ. It’s a lot to hike 50-70 trails a year. What helps is having you gear ready to go, pack lists to make sure you have it all, and a sense of spontaneity . 😉

The key, like always, is to be the responsible hiker. Packing lists and the right gear is simply a way to mitigate risk (and give you the potential for the best possible experience and outcome).

Happy hiking!

Victoria xo