Oschmann Forest in Winchester: Hiking Guide

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Oschmann Forest is a little know gem of a trail in Winchester. Only 40 mins from downtown Ottawa and it is the perfect trail to bring you littles on a family hike! Not to mention plenty of nearby options for a second hike, beach swims, and cafes if you want to make a day of it.

The Low Down

  • Distance from Ottawa: 50kms (40mins).
  • GPS Coordinates: Unknown.
  • Address: 12301 Ormond Rd, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0
  • Directions: From downtown Ottawa, you can either take Bank St all the way to Harmony and torn left (east) on Ormond road or take Hwy 417 East. Exit #69 at Boundary Rd. Turn right (south) on Boundary Rd (turns into Gregoire Rd) driving 45kms into Marionville. At the T junction, turn right (SW) on Marionville Rd. Take the 2nd left on Rodney Ln. Turn Right on Ormond Rd. Parking lot and Trailhead are on the right.
  • Entrance Fee: Free.
  • Parking: Large gravel parking lot at trailhead.
  • Trailhead: At parking lot.
  • Number of Trails: 1
  • Total Distance of Trails: 1.2kms.
  • Elevation Gain: 0
  • Washrooms: None.
  • Cell Reception: Yes.
  • Season: All seasons.
  • Features: Interpretive trail. Sap lines and map production educational signs. Trilliums.
  • Activities: Hiking, geocaching, learning.
  • Dogs: Permitted on leash.
  • Suggested Stops: Cup of Jo’s in Winchester, Brewed Awakenings in Kemptville, and if you’re up for more post hike adventure then icecream at Docksyde in Morrisburg by the water front or swimming at Iroquois beach.
  • Nearby Hikes: Warwick Forest, Baxter Conservation Area.
  • More Information: visit South Nation Conservation.

In Good Company

Seems like the world is forcing us to hike solo lately and I’m not minding one bit. It’s a good grounding practice to immerse in nature and reflect. Something I did on this trail and while hiking Summerstown Trails. It was ah-mazing to have a day to myself. No alarms. Nada to do lists. No intentions other than seeing what the day brings. And you know what? It was pretty damn good.

Oschmann Forest Trail

The Oschman Forest trail is a well maintained dirt path through a forest of maple trees and trillium flowers. The pathway is 1-2 person wide and well marked. It takes you for a 1.2km loop of the mini forest.

This is an excellent spot for family hikes since it is relatively short, no elevation, and is interpretive.

Oschmann Forest Features

Interpretive Trail: One thing that South Nation Conservation is definitely good at, is maintaining and providing excellent signage to it’s hiking trails. This trail has signage along the pathway provide insights and education on the flora and maple production.

Maple Production and Education: There is a heritage sugar shack onsite that was used until the early 2000s by the Oschmann family. In the spring, you can actually see the sap flowing through the collection lines.

Trilliums: Well now, in the spring, the vibrant greens from the new buds on maple trees and the trilliums lining the forest floor are fierce. I dare say, even a little magical. Mostly white trilliums with a few rose coloured ones here and there.

Oschmann Forest ViewPoints

No grand viewpoints on this trail. However if you enjoy a forest floor lined with flowers or looking up to see the maples swaying against the blue skies…then you’ll enjoy this immersion in nature.


No woodpeckers noticed during this hike, but there were plenty of birds singing in the trees. No bears in the area as it is a smaller forest.


No nearby accomodations to recommend.

Nourish Thy Self

Depending on which route you take, I would suggest either Cup of Jo’s in Winchester or Brewed Awakenings in Kemptville.

Wrapping Up

Incredibly thankful to be out on the local trails once again! Everyone is waiting for the more famous parks to open but once again, I’ve realized that there is more in our own backyard to enjoy than we thought. So sooooo many great trails that aren’t crowded and have a lot to offer.

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for recommendations! Reach me on Facebook, Instagram, or email victoria@girlgonegood.com

Happy hiking!

Victoria xo