The Mt Kinabalu Legend

Diary Entry: 31 Mar 2011

The taxi driver this morning was fabulous, an extremely happy and chatty man. I told him that I just came back from climbing Mt Kinabalu yesterday and he said: “You look fit, like you didn’t climb the mountain!” Oh no, I replied, I climbed it, and it hurt every step of the way!”.  He told me that it’s a common belief that the mountain is a female spirit.  A strong spirit that sometimes effects the climbers hiking her.

Mt Kinabalu Legend

Mt Kinabalu Legend

Once, there was an Italian man he picked up.  The Italian was a fit man in his early thirties.  When the cabbie picked the man up to bring him to the airport, the Italian was so upset he was in tears.  Apparently he tried unsuccessfully to climb Mt Kinabalu three times.

The first time he made it part way and way so overcome with pain that he had to turn around.  When he left the mountain, the pain completely vanished.

On the second attempt, the same thing occurred. Once again he returned to Kota Kinabalu and the pain subsided.

Mt Kinabalu Legend

Upset and determined, he made sure to take care of himself before the third attempt.  This was after all, his reason for the vacation. He eat well, abstained from drinking and got plenty of sleep.

On his third attempt, tried as he might, the pain during his ascent became so unbearable that he was forced to turn around and accept defeat. Once again, as soon as he left the mountain the pain vanished.

The cab driver listened to the defeated man sob through the story.  He didn’t dare tell the Italian about the female spirit.  “The mountain simply did not want him” the cab driver told me. “I’ve heard many, many stories of the same.”.

Mt Kinabalu Legend

Feminism at it’s best

Apparently, the mountain favours female climbers giving them a quicker ascent and less pain. Considering the pain I was feeling in my legs and butt, I don’t necessarily agree, but I said nothing. Ha ha.

At the airport, I smiled the entire time…I was leaving something behind in Sabah, a bit of negativity I no longer had room for.  Perhaps the mountain did favour me, perhaps not with less physical pain but with emotional clarity.

A little boost does the soul good

Next stop Bali! I have such a great vibe about the trip that I feel completely at peace. Woah I can’t stop beaming.  I even told the extremely stern customs guard that he should smile more (flashing my most “ya, ya, do it!” smile myself). He did, and laughed.  I felt great.

Oh that Mt Kinabalu legend…

Mt Kinabalu Legend
Victoria xo

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The Mt Kinabalu Legend

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