Mindset Shift Exercise: Habits To Keep, Ditch or Develop

Mindset Shift Exercise: Habits To Keep, Ditch or Develop

Mindset Shift Exercise: Habits To Keep, Ditch or Develop

Forget the party dress, my NYEs tend to involve leggings, hoodie, and a note pad. Last year was perfect, attending a NYE party with my all-things-airplant-and-succulent guru friend Velta that was hosted by Robyn Baldwin and Jenna Switzer . It was filled with yoga, meditations, and reflection exercises.

One activity was to list out what served you best in the last year, and what didn’t. The aim is to bring the good habits forward in the the new year and take the rest to chuck-it-in-the-f*ck-it-bucket. Have you taken stock of like this? The latter habits were humbling. 😛

Habits That Helped

Debt Is An Emergency

The first time I came across the concept of treating debt as an emergency was while reading a Mr Money Mustache blog. It was a little ‘click click click’ in perspective. I mean really, how powerful is it to take mutha tucking control of your finances and realize that you can absolutely clear that debt AND get ahead. Woah. Bananas.

It came together quickly once the realization that I had no business owning lululemon and fancy extra stuff. No business not renting out that extra room or eating out. Certainly didn’t need cable or large data plans on my cell. Even selling things at a loss, was better than that suffocating interest compounding every month. So I started packing lunches and writing for other websites. Then I sold my home while the market was hot and moved in with family. Because. Debt is an emergency.

It meant going from 80k in debt with absolutely no financial recourse options, to debt free with a nice savings to put towards a new home in only two years.

And from there, down the rabbit whole of finance blogs we went! It became f a s c i n a t i n g. Learning to live well below your means without sacrificing the enjoyment of life is…well, it’s damn good.

Keep Socials Outdoors

Or at least the majority of your socials. Not only is it cost effective but it’s great for your health as well. #forestbathing is a thing. Everyone loves the mountains and views, just ask instagram. #cheeky

Instead of going to every social event and spending money on outfits, drinks, and meals out – I started keeping a hiking ‘go bag’ in the car and invited friends to come do our catching up on the trails.

IMG 5202

Allow Values To Drive Priorities

val·ue/ˈvalyo͞o/ noun: value; plural noun: values

  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”your support is of great value” Similar:merit worth usefulness utility practicality advantage desirability benefit gain profit significance
  2. a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.”they internalize their parents’ rules and values” Similar: principles moral principles ethics moral code morals

Both definitions from the Oxford Dictionary apply in the sense that your values should be of value and the driving forces behind priorities.

What are your values? Well, you can take any number of online quizzes like this one to help navigate your way through them.

The beauty is that values can grow/change as we do. Inclusiveness and ambition used be the driving force behind almost all my actions, hellooooo twenties. Now life revolves around more relaxed values like giving, mindfulness, financial independence, and well-being. These are the ones that dictate how my money, time, and efforts are spent.

Giving Anonymously

Speaking of values, giving is good for the soul. And you’ve likely already figured this out but #doinggoodfeelsgood. Giving anonymously feels even better, at least in my case. It forgoes any judgement (positive or negative) and allows me to donate funds or help others freely.

Years ago, I had a coworker who went on a little heated rant because he held the door for someone and they didn’t have “enough common decency” to say thank you in return. He was sincerely upset and questioning the point of nice actions if there are no appreciation returned.

Well wait a hot minute. If you’re giving simply for the sake of receiving, then I would argue that you doing the whole giving thing a bit wrong. It’s more about an action that feeds your soul and spreads a little joy, and less about receiving a thanks to sooth the ego, non?

Morning Meditation

You know when we all hounded growing up to make our beds in the morning growing up?!? There might have been something to that. A made bed (order in your environment) sets the tone for the day doesn’t it?

Meditation first thing does a bit of the same. It brings a sense of calmness and grounded order before the chaos of the day. And the further I’ve gotten with daily meditation, the better I’ve felt equipped to handle what life has to chuck as us. Maybe it works, or maybe it’s all just in my mind. 😉 #wompwomp

Habits That Hindered

The Latte Factor

Oh geeze, literally got lovingly laughed at yesterday by a friend so said I was the poorest person she knew that still bought fancy lattes. Ok, yup. Truth.

Even in the worst of financial times, I’d like still spend money on a fancy coffee before food.

There is no sane reason for this.

Say that you buy a latte from Starbucks daily. And that latte was a grande-dirty-chai-with-coconut-milk-please. And by you, I really mean me, cause that’s totally what I did. Maybe you do too. Maybe. Those puppies are $7.06! E A C H. Let’s do a little quick math, if I bought one every day that’s 7 x $7.06 = $49.42 a week! Holy moses….that’s $197.68 a month, or $2372.16 a year on coffee.

Let’s just soak in how ridiculous that is.

Now I bring coffee to work. And buy fancy lattes way less. Well, a little less. Working on it. <shrugs shoulders>

IMG 7467

Netflix and Amazon Prime

Netflix and Amazon Prime, you are fiiiiiine. What’s not fine is how many hours I’ve spent binge watching shows this year. It’s embarrassing really.

And as much as I’d like to think I’m dating Jack Ryan, not even that show requires so much devotion that it can only be enjoyed in one round.

Too. Much. Sitting. And it feels gross. #movementismedicine

Inconsistent Sleep

There’s no excuse really. We all know what needs to be done to get a good sleep; cool room, dark, weighted blanket, no electronics, consistent routine, maybe a little magnesium or melatonin…

And yet, there I was, drinking coffee after 2pm. Skipping night time reading. Scrolling through Graham Norton YouTube videos (you’re welcome for that link) “before bed” which really meant chuckling to myself until well past 11pm.

IMG 5735

Wrapping Up

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” ~ Aristole

Living a ‘quality’ life is quickly becoming a strong personal value. And through that, the realization of how our habits shape the quality of the life we lead.

Well now, isn’t that reason enough to take a good hard look at our current habits, define we really want out of life, and decide on which habits to keep/ditch/develop to achieve those goals?

Food for thought.

Victoria xo

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