Bali in Indonesia: The Healings Of Mr Ketut

Bali in Indonesia: The Healings Of Mr Ketut

Healings are a curious thing. My absolute must on this journey was to see a healer, then I want to tour the countryside.  We left at 8:30am for the short drive to see Mr Ketut.  Yes, yes, the now infamous healer featured in the book “Eat, Pray, Love“.  In all honesty, he wasn’t my first choice since every American in Bali made it a point to see him. He seems a little too commercial from what I heard and perhaps the ‘trendy’ thing to do.  I didn’t want trendy, I wanted a wise man to tell me my soul would be complete again.

When I arrived, there were already six people ahead of me. Surprisingly there was actually a ticketing system for queuing (bright red ticket machine, just like the provincial offices at home, kinda odd). After waiting an hour, I realized that no one has been to see him yet.  My driver pointed out that the humble old man eating a breakfast for rice and diet coke was actually Mr Ketut himself.  He later declared proudly that he was 92 years old.  I figure if you’re in your nineties, you have all the right in the world to take your time.

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Waiting with me were two Americans, who were happily playing cards with Mr Ketut’s 2 year old granddaughter (great-granddaughter?).  There was also three Australia girls with their Balinese driver.

The Americans went first, then the Australians, and after three hours of waiting, it was my turn. All this for ‘healings’.

The ‘donation’ for his services is about 250 000 IDR, roughly 25$ US, and given to his family.  Between the “Eat, Pray, Love” movie posters, the ticket system and the donation…I was skeptical to say the least.

That skepticism disappeared once I sat down in front of him, he’s genuinely a sweet old man.  Although he didn’t end up telling me much, and repeats a lot to his customers, it was a profound pleasure to meet with him.

He started out, as he did with all the girls, by asking where I was from. He said that I was “very very pretty”, and that he was “very, very happy to meet” me.  This was repeated several times throughout the conversation (which was fine by me, who doesn’t like those positive words!?)  He’s voice was soft and his English barely comprehensible.

He took my palm to read and said that my life line was “very, very good”.  I’d live until 100 years of age.  My heart line was also apparently very good.  “Do you have boyfriend?” he asked, when I answered no, he stood in mock shock and disbelief, “Yes, you do” he replied (I didn’t see the need to argue that point).  “You will be married, long married, until the end of your lives.  It’ll be a happy marriage, you are a smart woman”.

Looking at my veins along my arm, he ran his fingers over them and said “You have very good blood.  You will have sex with your husband every night, very happy.”….PARDON!??!?! Ha ha ha. Ok, that statement took me off guard, and unable to hide my smirk I looked over Mr Ketut’s son to see if he heard what his father had just said. He did. I blushed.

All this talk of marriage (marriage? me? pfft.) and children (according to him I’ll have 2, according to me, I’m too old and will regret not having any), my thoughts came rushing through, almost as fiercely as it was raining out…like a kettle boiling over, I started to cry. Too many raw emotions for me to control.  Mr Ketut looked surprised but smiled, held my hand, and told me not to cry.  With a huge grin, he looked straight at me and said “very, very happy to meet you”.  I couldn’t help but smile and wipe the tears away.


He repeated himself often, looking at my palm, “heart good, successful, two children, marriage”.  He also asked me my age a good five times.  I smiled patiently and told him each time as if he never asked.

He read my knees, telling me how healthy I am, then turned me around to read my back.  This is when he told me I had the energy of the lotus flower.  Apparently it’s regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.  Which really, is how I feel about this year, it’s my second chance to live life at it’s best.

Whether or not people believe in Mr Ketut’s healings is of no matter.  Meeting him was part of the catalyst needed for me to find my inner peace and accept myself.  He gave me hope of having a happy and fulfilling future.  Now that I believe it again, it will happen. No doubt that I needed the boost, and that’s way he did for me.

Afterwards, my driver took me to the holy water temple and along the country side to look at the rice field, but I could barely concentrate with the healers words running around my head.

Victoria xo

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