A collective effort to support our community moving towards an increase in inclusivity and accessbility in nature.

Are you ready for the #goodhumanrevolution?!

Inclusive actions do not take away from those already out hiking, yet it adds significantly to those experiencing barriers.

Here at GirlGoneGood®, we don’t have all the answers, but as a community we can put effort into make this world a better place – one little change at a time. As Brene Brown often states, “I’m not here to be right, I’m here to get it right”.

We believe in inclusion, and that nature really is, for all. This is one of the many reasons that GirlGoneGood is an official partner of #NatureForAll. They are a global organization with a multitude of multi-lingual and inclusive resources and initiatives.

As a #NatureForAll partner, the #goodhumanrevolution is our initiative to help the community connect with self, others, and nature.

Recommendations for Our Trails:

  • accessible lookouts points and vistas (drive up/short walk)
  • visually impaired trails with guide line, trip free, and braille
  • trails that are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers toilets/outhouses that work for wheelchairs/mobility aids
  • new hiker info package and guided hikes for new Canadians
  • guided hikes for older adults focused on connection/social
  • signage that’s in both official languages
  • land acknowledgements at trailhead in official languages and corresponding First Nations/Inuk/Métis language
  • greater engagement with First Nations/Inuk/Métis peoples and shared insights/knowledge along interpretive trails
  • community support to 2SLGBTQ+, cis/trans, binary/non-binary persons to facilitate connection to nature, self, others
  • support for black communities to build connection with nature/self/others
  • community support for persons with invisible disabilities to facilitate connection to nature, self, others
  • promotion of body inclusivity in nature
    awareness + opportunity for outdoor play for all ages

Would you like to add to the list? Send recommedations to victoria@girlgonegood.com

Progress Report


As we are able to support changes as a community that promote inclusivity in nature, and we share those successes here!

Oct 2021: Raised over $700.00 in a donation promotion drive with Fjällräven Ottawa in support of Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities‘ efforts in implementing changes at Baxter Conservation Area to reach the goal of making it the most accessible conservation area in our region.

Oct 2021: Launched the #goodhumanrevolution

Sept 2021: Hosted a guided hike with Ottawa Adventurer for Soldier On Canada.

Aug 2021: Donated $500.00 to Wounded Warriors Canada through Walk for the Wounded and volunteered to support at team.

Jun 2021: Engaged a consultant for guidance in formulating a Truth + Reconciliation Action Plan for GirlGoneGood®

Spring 2021: Collaborated with Fjällräven Ottawa to hold, promote, and participate in plogging events in our region! We like to think that these efforts contributed to the growing popularity of plogging (aka trash clean up on trails).

Dec 2020: Donated $6000.00 to Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust in support of their conservation efforts.

Dec 2020: Donated $6000.00 to Boots on the Ground in support of their Peer-to-Peer mental health support program for Ontario EMS.

Summer 2020: Donated $1000 total to CHEO and Toronto Sick Kids Hospitals through Concert for Kids.

How Can I Make a Difference?


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Be Curious

Get outdoors. Learn about responsible recreation. Share that love and knowledge with others. Ask what barriers people may face when it comes to getting out into nature and how we can pool together to break those barriers with understanding and knowledge.

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Lead the Pack

Or as we say “lead from the front”. Advocate for the changes you would like to see for the community. Whether that is through addressing local officials, organizations, or trail managers. Get involved and volunteer if possible. Use #goodhumanrevolution in your social media posts.

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Donate or Shop

Donate directly to organizations that are actively seeking to make inclusivity changes on thier trails or shop the GirlGoneGood #goodhumanrevolution and #NatureForAll merchandise lines and we’ll donate all proceeds to trail managers to implement those changes.

Shop Merch

Here’s the ‘wow factor’ about shopping with us – net proceeds from all merchandise are donated to Boots on the Ground, a mental health charity that offers 24/7 peer-to-peer support for emergency services workers in Ontario, another portion is donated to Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust to support local conservation efforts. And all proceeds from the #NatureForAll and #goodhumanrevolution merchandise line is donated to trail managers to implement inclusive changes on their trails.

Are You a Trail Manager? Would You Like Support to Implement Inclusive Changes?

If you’re considering implementing inclusivity and accessibility changes to the trails you manage, and would benefit for financial support to make it happen – reach out.

All proceeds from the #NatureForAll and #goodhumanrevolution merchandise line is donated to trail managers to implement inclusive changes on their trails – that could be you!