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Victoria (Walsh) Lanthier (she/her) is a military veteran and served operationally with the Canadian Armed Forces.  She became a public speaker, avid skydiver, and a well-traveled adventurist.

After a successful career in communications within the military, she released and became an information technology consultant. She currently works as a technical architect by day and runs GirlGoneGood in her spare time.

Victoria has recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Ottawa. Her interests revolve around minimalism, emotional awareness (grit), damn good coffee, and getting lost in the mountains. Victoria continues to travel often and resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Veteran. Future Nurse. IT Consultant.

Admittedly sounds like an odd mix for interests however adventure, media, and health are the backbone of GirlGoneGood®. It is where the prioritization of wellness while exploring the wilderness is encouraged.

The driving forces behind GirlGoneGood® are:

  • helping others find new trails to explore
  • encouraging respectful/smart hiking
  • wellness and mental health
  • supporting local/small business/community
  • paying it forward

As for me? I love sharing local hikes and giving insights for your international travels. Damn good coffee is a must. Taking care of our mental, spiritual, and physical health is paramount. And I’m pretty proud of my daily morning routine.  Slowly learning more about our flora and fauna but I’m not great at it. Connection and experience is everything.

iceline trail

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wood boat + rough waters

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dirty chai latte with coconut milk

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on the cliffs of east timor

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iceline trail in yoho national park

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Local CAF veteran releases guide to 100+ hiking trails in and around Ottawa.

esprit de corps

Esprit de Corps

A Bright Future & Equal Opportunity: The Army Cadet Program Offers Girls a Positive Environment in Which to Grow

Canadian Army News

Army veteran encourages fitness with hiking guide.

Nation Valley News

Nation Valley News

'Girl Gone Good' Creates Guide To Outdoor Good Life.

Guest Articles

The love of sharing stories and insights goes beyond! It is a pleasure to guest post on subjects such as wellness, wilderness, and everything in between.



Interested in sharing our story or looking for a feature about wellness and the wilderness? Contact for all interview inquiries.

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Interested in collaborating and think your brand would be a great fit for GirlGoneGood®? Please email for all advertising and sponsorship prospects, guest post opportunities, or to request a media kit.


GirlGoneGood® is partnered with #NatureForAll.

#NatureForAll is a global movement that inspires a love of nature, and was launched at the 2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress.

On the #NatureForAll Discovery Zone, you will find a multi-lingual database of curated resources from #NatureForAll partners, IUCN, and programs. You can also scroll through the list of #NatureForAll partners from their website to find incredible nature-focused organizations to follow and engage with, or perhaps read through their success stories and blog for insights.

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  1. Faye

    I just found your blog and I’m so grateful for it! I’m from Ottawa too and always looking for new trails. Especially since we are all sticking closer to home these days. I admire and am grateful for your drive to share newfound trails.

    1. GirlGoneGood

      I’m grateful for you and the kind compliments! Glad you’re enjoying the hiking resources and hopefully our paths crossed on the trails someday.

  2. Anonymous

    What a fantastic discovery we made today, to find your blog with great ideas! High Lonesome was awesome.

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Wonderful, so glad you enjoyed a day out at High Lonesome!

  3. Dominique

    You’re awesome. Thanks for trail guides. Esp the colour commentary on what tbey are like Happy. Happy to help out on flora and fauna, Ottawa Field Naturalists Club a great resource, check out their FB page. I now will carry more in my daypack and car, just in case.

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Yes, the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club is a fantastic resource! And thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying the trail guides. 🙂 Cheers to a wonderful year spent outdoors!

  4. Anonymous

    I found this exactly when I needed to. I’m in Ottawa and was always an avid hiker, traveler and life lover! Then everything changed. I lost my job so then my purpose but my husband, Dave, knew how to heal me. A long empty road trip up to Labrador with nothing but the road; mostly gravel, and the animals and the hiking. Then my husband had a stroke and I lost myself in the worry. Then Covid hit and I discovered I really really love wine and snacking. And that’s now my new norm. On again-off again fitness bouts, an ankle sprain (well I guess I’ll just have more wine and chips), a beloved family member passed; more wine and more chips; another deep dive into unhealthy habits. Say hello to 35 new pounds. Then WW. Then a random post by a fellow WW person led me to this site. And today I called my closest friend who I haven’t seen in a while and we did a beautiful walk on the Trans Canada Trail. I found this exactly when I needed to. And I am so grateful.

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Oh my heart, what a whirlwind! Thank you for sharing it here and I’m so glad you found us. You’re incredible for everything you’ve been through, and I hope that the outdoors continues to heal, motivate, connect you. Although,. wine and chips are the perfect combo 😉 Getting out in nature does us all a little good. Wishing you well and a year filled with happy hikes!

  5. Kathy Desjardins

    Loved to find this blog of yours. I remember you from cadets in Ottawa. I have spent the past two years changing up my life and embracing a renewed love of the outdoors. Living on Vancouver Island has brought me so many opportunities for hiking and my fitness level continues to improve. Often it is just my dog and me 🙂

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Oh I remember you and those years in cadets fondly Kathy! So glad you’re here and love seeing how much you’re enjoying the outdoors are well.Vancouver island must be an incredible experience, and it sounds like you have the perfect hiking partner. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day, until then, cheers to happy trails!

  6. Heather

    Hi Victoria. I’ve got your Ottawa hiking trails and follow you on IG. Well today I was sitting on laptop (usually on phone or tablet) and decided to go on webpage. Whoa! I’m so excited. I’m so happy to see your hikes in the west as well as Utah. These are two vacations my husband and I plan on doing. Looking forward to borders opening for Utah and not sure when BC will be good to go. As of now, I’m just planning even though nothing is written in stone because of Covid. We can’t actually book anything. I’m looking forward to reading all your recommendations for the hikes. Thank you for all you do. Also, thank you for your time served with our military. Be well!

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Just wow in return, what incredibly kind feedback! Thank you Heather, I’m so glad you wandered over to the website and enjoy the content. Feel free to message if you have questions about Utah or BC. Utah was one of the best whirlwind trips I’ve ever taken (we packed it all into 4 days) and under normal circumstances I’m out in the Rockies every year for a few weeks. There’s also Leigh McAdam from Hike Bike Travel if you’re looking for excellent trail reports and insights into the Rockies. Cheers to planning, and enjoy our local trails until then. 😉

  7. Roz Labow

    A few weeks ago we were walking in one of our favorite woods, Gillies Grove in Arnprior. We met someone who recommended your website. Today we found High lonesome nature reserve and were absolutely delighted. We were the only ones there except for a couple of woodpeckers who were chattering to each other. It will rank as one of our favorite trails. Since March 18, 2020 we have walked almost every day. I have listed 49 different walks we have taken. We love to travel and I have written a book called Travels with Stanley. We have been to 140 countries, but discovering Ontario has been amazing and has been a silver lining in this very disturbing pandemic. I have now ordered Ottawa Hiking Trails and will make a donation to Girlgonegood. I believe that walking outside especially in a forest improves your mental and physical health, boosts your immune system. I could go on and on. We walked the white pine trail. This tree is the one that emits the most favorable aerosols.

    1. GirlGoneGood

      There are so many nearby conservation areas and trails to explore, I really hope that you have a wonderful experience in nature with them all – like you did at High Lonesome. I’ll be ordering your book today – it’s sounds like my kind of travel philosophy and can’t wait to read the tales. Thank you so much for the order and donation (which will go directly to the charities and is so so kind of you!). You’re right about nature, she’s a powerful healer.

  8. Carlos schacht

    Been awail since i been here and must say it gets better every time!

    1. GirlGoneGood

      Thanks Carlos! It’ll be going through a redesign at the end of 2021 🙂 Good thing to come…

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