Mount Foley in Westport: Exploration Guide

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Have you even heard of Mt Foley? Or the beautiful little waterfront town of Westport? Well, if you’re looking for a country drive, new trails, friendly folk, and to explore some stunning new views then read on darlings, read on…

Spy Rock in Westport

The low down

  • Distance from Ottawa: 96 kms (roughly 1hr and 20mins).
  • Best route: Depending on your start point you can take hwy417 west to hwy 7 west to Glen Tay rd (south) and turning west on Scotch Line. My favourite however is to take the country roads which is pretty much a straight route (Eagleson > Perth St > Franktown Rd > Richmond Rd > Perth Rd > Gore St E > Scotch Line Rd.  Both options take about the same amount of time.
  • Suggested stops: The historic town of Perth, Balderson Cheese, Top Shelf Distillery tours.
  • More information: The Village of Westport Website.

Hiking Mt. Foley and Spy Rock Lookout

The Foley Mountain Conservation Area has 10 kms worth of trails to explore with an easy to read map that lays out the distances and elevations.  Basically, you have a lot of options to suit your interests and fitness level!

  • Highlights:

    Spy Rock scenic lookout that overlooks Westport, beaver pond, interpretive centre, discovery centre, Education programs and day camps, natural swimming area, hiking and snowshoeing trails, Facility rental, group camping.

  • Entrance fee: 6$ day pass or 45$ annual pass.
  • Dogs: Allowed on leash.
  • Washrooms: Onsite.
  • Season: Open year round.

I admittedly have only hiking the blue route so far. It is a good 2.4 km loop hike through forest and marshy areas. The trail is clearly marked and has multiple boardwalks for the marsh like sections of the path.

Looking out from Spy Rock reminds me of every initial scene ever from those hallmark or women’s network movies. Can you see what I mean?!?! Small country town, blue water with the sun shining, small shops lining the streets, and the church steeple standing tall. Just sayin’.  Maybe it’s just me. Ha ha.

Spy Rock at Mt Foley
Spy Rock at Mt Foley
Spy Rock at Mt Foley
Mt Foley Westport

The Perfect Blend at Cottage Coffee

You’ll make fast friends at Cottage Coffee with owner Jon usually at the helm! This coffee shop (and so much more) is down to earth, inviting, and the baked goods that left me drooling (did anyone else try those Easter cupcakes?!? Ugh. Delicious).  The sugar maple latte is my personal drink of choice but if you’re up for an indulgence try the cafe mocha supreme!

If you enjoy a good laugh and quirky moments, follow them on Facebook or Instagram for their espresso shots videos! Like the Bob Ross challenge, Westport traffic report, or the long shot espresso…ha ha, all in good fun!

Cottage Coffe in Westport
Cottage Coffee in Westport
Cottage Coffee in Westport

Canada’s only Life is Good store

Welcome to Jake by the Lake, located at 14 Bedford Street, and happens to be Canada’s only Life is Good store! You usually run into this famous brand while on vacation in sunny destinations, yet here it is in a small town in our great north.  The shop exterior instantly makes you smile (wait until you step inside, hellloooo) and may have you daydreaming about leaving the big city for cottage life!

Life is Good in Westport
Life is Good in Westport

Jake by the Lake is also a proud supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation. They have a quilt raffle going on right now to raise funds.  If quilts aren’t for you, sneak on to the back of the store and give that big bear by the fireplace a huge hug! At his feet is a donation bucket to help them raise enough to make another child’s wish come true. It’s a great cause and a fun Instagram worthy moment! The owner Cynthia was sweet enough to share the photo op moment with me. 🙂

Life is good in Westport

I couldn’t leave without buying a new hoodie (anyone else living in leggings and hoodies on the daily?!) and the cutest t-shirt dress (amazing fit and I’m pretty sure it’ll fly off the shelves FYI). I’ll be back!

The Village Green

Oh my what to say about The Village Green. First you will be shocked, then you might be lost! The store is deceptively humongous with its multiple rooms and second story.

I’m not sure who the curator of clothing for this store is, but they may be a fashion genius by the latest styles from brands like Lole, Sorel, North Face, Birkenstock, and Vans.  It was everything in my power to walk out empty handed (saving for whole new wardrobe later this year).

And more Westport…

The streets of Westport are lined with the cutest shops ranging in everything from antiques to bamboo clothing to home decor to icecream for those sunny summer days. The waterfront is beautiful and there is plenty of space for a picnic.  Have fun exploring, spend the day, and let me know you’re favourite moments!

Victoria xo