Daily Habits: My Morning and Night Routines

Daily Habits: My Morning and Night Routines

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

It started with a reflective post just before the new year: Mindset Shift Exercsie: Habits to Keep, Ditch, or Develop. Then The Wellness Series habit challenge was launched this year, which focused on twelve healthy habits for you to try out throughout the year. Have you taken on the challenge?! Anywhooo, solidifying better daily habits has become a little bit of a focus so I thought I’d share mine. Ya, might find them odd though.

Morning Routine

5:01am Stretching

The alarm goes off at 5:01am. For some reason, 5am on the nose seems inhuman. For reasons that are beyond me, getting up right always starts the day off right. At least it gets the body out of bed before the mind has time to kick in and convince you that the snooze button is a good idea. At least this daily habit isn’t as ruh-diculous as the 4am wakeups that we’re happening when we all had to commute in rush hour to work. #workfromhomewin

5:15am Water and Greens

Ever since our pathophysiology professor lectured on the increased risk of ulcers due to drinking coffee first thing instead of water…water has always been the first drink of the day. #scaredstraight With a daily aim of drinking 2-3L a day, not for any other reason that that’s what feels the best. A recently added daily habit is ‘enjoying’ a shot of Green Superfood Energy by Amazing Grass. The caffeine and greens replaces the need for a pre-workout coffee. Or pre-workout supplement if that’s your thing.

6am Workout

It’s been a perfect match ever since starting with 98Online Gym. One of the owners, Kev, suggested it a few months back when I was looking for a program…but they seemed too intense on insta?! Ha ha. Admittedly I was intimidated but the the format holds my interest and the benefits are telling. I am now hiking faster, with more ease, and needing less recovery time than last year’s efforts in the Rockies.

“March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path.” ~ Khalil Gibran

7:15am Meditation

Look, I’d love to love yoga but it’s not quite my thing. And guided meditations used to be what grounded my day but lately those have been replace by a few moments either watching the sun rise or standing outside bare foot. This simple grounding exercise is exactly the moment of peace my mind needs before the chaos of the day hits.

“Peace is this moment without judgment. That is all. This moment in the Heart-space where everything is welcome.” ~ Dorothy Hunt

7:30am Shower

Although far too woo of a claim in health benefits for some people, there’s something about dry brushing that I find therapeutic. The theory of course, is that this ancient ritual stimulates the lymphatic system. Maybe, maybe not.

Along those same lines, the whole WimHof Method is a trendy practice, with tin tubs filled with ice populating Instagram feeds. So since there are no ice bathes at my place, it’s post hike lake swims and using cooler water to shower.

8am Morning Work

Might not be in the office any more but thankfully, I have a home spot that’s bright, clean, and offers natural light…morning usually involve picking some upbeat tunes, blocking out the world with headphones, and getting down to business. Thinking tasks are always the first tasks to be addressed until 10am.

“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” ~ William Blake

11am Lunch

And that’s if there’s a moment to actually stop and eat between meetings. Normally it’s a quick plant based meal that’s easy to fix…so that I can get back to those meeting with the camera/sound off. No one needs to see the feed. If there’s time, a short walk outside or I’ll have my lunch on the porch.

12am Afternoon Work

Which is really post lunch work, consists mostly of creative tasks, emails, networking, organizing. After reading a few books and research articles on productivity, it seems to fit my personality best to keep the mornings for thinking work and the afternoons for the rest.

Evening Routine

Social media

It’s damn hard to keep the phone off all day, but it is on silent and I;ve opted out of all social media notifications. The first 1-2 hours after work is normally the time to enjoy social media, relax, and catch up on messages.

Early supper

At the risk of sounding like a grandmother, supper is best served around 4pm. There. I admitted it.


The only way that the mornings work is by having a good nights sleep and being prepared for the next day. That means having gym clothes picked out and healthy food ready in the fridge. Otherwise, I’d admittedly opt to be lazy instead. Which means having a less than great day and more caffeine than should be legal.

Night time tea

Again, reaching grandmother status here, but it works for me. Either taking a night time tea, a magnesium supplements, or some melatonin after supper helps calm everything down mentally before bed. Otherwise the mind is still going a mile a minute and ain’t nobody got time for that monkey business.


All electronics off (and I mean off off), and breaking out the books before bedtime. Trying to make this one more of a daily habit lately, and it’s slow going. This is the ideal. Admittedly, it’s not always the case…even though I know I’ll have a better tomorrow if I do. Does this mean I’d fail the marshmellow test? Likely…


The absolutely priority over everything in life right now, is sleep. A solid 8-9hrs. Might sound absurd to some, but making sleep a priority is a matter of health. I rarely social during the week anymore, 7pm is considered too late. Ha ha.

Sleeping Environment

  • Clutter Free
  • Dark room
  • Door closed
  • Cool air
  • Heavy blanket(s)
  • No electronics
  • Sunrise Alarm

What about the weekends?

Always a little more relaxed by sleeping in a little and more outdoor time. Maybe a full bag of popcorn and a netflix binge if it’s winter, likely grabbing a hiking ‘go bag’ and hitting the trails otherwise.

Whyyyyyy 5am?

For the love of all holy, I’m not saying waking up at 5am is “the” thing to do. 6am is great. 7am even! 8?!?! It really boils down to this: I hate wasting the morning. Maybe ‘hate’ is too harsh of a word

I mean, I could wake up later but then I wouldn’t be able to hit the gym first. #firstworldproblems Waking up at 4am is the fix, for now, and it works.

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Do the days always look like this?

Hard no. Like the weekends, it’s not rigid. Last night I watch three episodes of Nancy Drew. Some mornings I wake up later. And other days I’m out wandering and hiking for so long that it includes three meals out, lots of screen time creating content, and a hotel/cabin/tent stay. Other times I’m working on GirlGoneGood orders until midnight.

The key is adapting and then falling back on your establish routine. So, a good number of days do look like what’s outlined. And I’ll keep falling back to this routine until it’s the majority that do.

As Aristotle famously said; “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Even though, let’s be real, excellence sounds exhausting. You get the point.

What habits are you working on this year? Or what habits are you proud of that seem to support healthy living?

Victoria xo

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