10 Tips to Survive & Thrive During The Pandemic

10 Tips to Survive & Thrive During The Pandemic

Right, so life is more than a little bananas right now. And that’s likely an understatement. One week we’re all joking around the office and life is grand, and next, everyone is somber and at home. The new buzz words are social distancing, physical distancing, flatten the curve, social cohesion, and alone together. It is frankly, a little surreal.

And while this can understandable be a little too much, I’ve rounded up some tips and resources to help manage what I’m choosing to call a covid19 ‘mandatory staycation’.

First and foremost it has helped me to focus on controlling what we can control and understand that all this is temporary (even if a long temporary – thanks covid19). #mindset

Go ahead and scroll down for my top ten ways of positively coping with staying at home during this mandatory staycation. I’m going to take a second and show ya my home routine. And it’s not for you to follow, we each can do whats best for ourselves, but perhaps it’ll give a few ideas.

A while ago I posted what my daily routine looks like. It’s an ambitious set of daily habits, that I sometimes met, and other times certainly did not meet.

One thing I’ve realized this week is that there needs to be a reevaluation of habits and priorities. Because in all honesty, I’m thriving during this covid19 mandatory staycation. And I feel a twinge of guilt admitting that. But I found it an interesting insight into self. Obviously that previous ‘busy life’ normal routine wasn’t optimal.

Mandatory Staycation At Home Routine

  • early to rise
  • meditation
  • breathing techniques
  • glass of water and vitamins
  • shower and dress
  • smoothie breakfast
  • work from home
  • 100 pushups /100 squats during breaks
  • finish up work
  • healthy meals
  • exercise outdoors
  • work on GirlGoneGood
  • connect with others
  • reading and maybe scrolling insta <shrugs>
  • bed by 10pm

That’s for the weekdays, and I’ve been treating the weekends like weekends to maintain a sense of normalcy. That means sleeping in little, board games, video chat with friends, cleaning, journaling, relaxing.


Resources That Support The New Home Routine

  • Headspace: Online guided meditation app.
  • 98Gym: Based in Sydney, Australia this gym not only has a kick ass online program but also released a home workout version for covid19.
  • JacobMark: Ottawa based instructor of TheWimHof Method who’s seminar I attended and was introduced to breathing techniques.
  • TheWinHofMethod: Online app that guides you through a 30 day shower based cold water exposure strategy.
  • B.Elite: Toronto based fitness and nutrition team with comprehensive online strategies for their incredibly effective one on one coaching
  • NuevaNutrition: A dear friend and incredibly knowledgeable nutritionist who takes a holistic approach to health and well-being.
  • Concerts for Kids: Local collective of musicians that are currently streams live music through their IGTV channel. One of the artists is favourite coffee connoisseur and creative soul, Brock, over at My Java Journal.
  • Jessica Clifford: Spiritual soul and savvy media entrepeneur is a go to for bouncing business ideas and strategies.
  • Rock My Run: Running app that provides music and tracking.
  • Create Cultivate: Although their planner are available exclusively at Target, they are my favourite offering month views and plenty of creative space.

10 Coping Strategies To Thrive At Home

  1. Maintaining a routine: The experts are stressing to maintain some semblance of a routine for our mental health. Personally I find this hugely beneficial in making the best of things. It doesn’t have to be a strict routine. You don’t have to conquer the world while at home. A gentle routine is more than ok. You do you.
  2. Find a purpose: This is where I’m ridiculous thankful for everyone reading this. Because you give me purpose. Sharing local hiking trails and small businesses gives me purpose. Keep the glass half full, that gives purpose. Also, its a wonderful creative outlet and way to connect. So whether it’s giving virtual lessons online, delivering meals to those in need, or sharing stories to entertain…share your gift.
  3. Learning a new instrument/language/skill: There are so many music lessons, yoga classes, cooking sessions available online. Whether it’s a free lesson or a paid class to help support business – it’s a great time to pick something up if you’re looking to occupy time.
  4. Connecting with friends and family online: Soooooo ruh-diculaously thankful for for video chat platforms like facetime, skype, and zoom. Any have you noticed the increase of actual phone calls going on? Love it.
  5. Limit covid19 news exposure and negative social media: The news lately is constant. Respect the advice of experts, but it doesn’t mean you need to have it on 24/7. Check in daily perhaps, then go about your day. Is it me or is Facebook the worst for mob mentality and negativity?The GirlGoneGood Facebook page stays positive along with my personal feed. If there’s too much negativity I simply unfollow. Easy peasy.
  6. Fresh air daily: Even if we’re confined to our homes, opening the windows for fresh air is a beautiful thing. Each day. Thank goodness spring is in the air. Currently exercising outside while respecting social distancing. Oh, and catch the sun rise/set if you can!
  7. Workout program online or join a challenge: There are house cleaning challenges, pushups challenges, etc. There’s also The Wellness Series which is a habit challenge by yours truly that you can start!
  8. Move your business online/support small business: All the love for small businesses. The struggle is real and these next few month they are going to need our love more than ever. Own a small business? Is there a way to move it online? Or offer gift cards for purchase? Or a pickup/drop off model if possible? We’ve been supporting small business by buying our consumables, local artisan products, and gift cards online.
  9. Take advantage of supports: Whether it’s local, provincial, and federal. Perhaps your church, gym, or community organization is offering? Meal delivery? I’d link to these but there are so many changes daily. Don’t be afraid to search these out.
  10. Reach out to online health services: Most family doctor and health clinics have moved to a telehealth model offering consults either on the phone or by video chat. The distress centre is open. So are the foodbanks. The system is adapting along with us, and although it’s different (and not perfect), it’s still there.


How to Keep Paying it Forward

Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Sharing my routine and resources is simply another way besides hiking resources that I’m trying to pay it forward in the community during the covid19 pandemic.

If you take a peek at the resources page you’ll also find wellness resources and bingo sheets for kids to enjoy (either while walking, driving, or in the backyard). You can also treat the bingo sheets like a scavenger hunt for a longer game.

Stay well.

Victoria xo

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