The Challenge Series

The Challenge Series includes 10 (nine hiking and one wellness) challenges.

It was created to promote our region, curiousity in nature, and responsible recreation. There is so much to explore!

The Challenge Series

How To Participate

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Step 1

Select a challenge and check off the hikes/experience as you complete them! You can get The Challenge Series in a PDF version or in your ‘A Guide to Hiking Trails’ booklet.

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Step 2

Join the Facebook group. Cheer on fellow challengers and get insider tips from GirlGoneGood©. Share your experience and gain insights within our ah-mazing community.

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Step 3

Once a challenge is completed, you can order your achievement tab for that particular series! Wear it proudly knowing you completed the challenge and supported local charities.

Your Resources

Achievement Tab | The Challenge Series

Get The Challenge Series

Looking for a printable PDF version of The Challenge Series? Includes all 10 challenges and worksheets. Get yours now and take on a challenge!

The Challenge Series Achievement Tabs

Join The Facebook Group

Wanted a little more support, added trail insights, or just like more of a group thing? Join ‘The Challenge Series For Ottawa Area Hikers + Adventurers’ for an ah-mazing community vibe while completing challenges!

Achievement Tab | The Challenge Series

Get Your Achievement Tab

Just like the ‘Remove Before Flight’ tabs but better, and more meaningful to you. Display your achievement tabs with pride! Clip them on to your backpack, use as a key chain, hang ’em from the rear view mirror.

Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa + Region

A Guide To Hiking Trails

The Challenge Series is included in your copy of ‘A Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa and Region’ along with 130+ trail systems, 100+ beaches, insights, + more.

Descriptions of Each Challenge

The County Series

Here’s the deal, you have the whole year to complete this hiking challenge. Once completed, the bragging right are all yours! Complete 2 hikes from each of the counties for a total of 20 hikes. While you’re there, support local! You can find local insights for the counties in this guide book or for individual trails on

The Urban Series

Here’s the deal, you have the whole year to complete this hiking challenge. Once completed, the bragging rights are all yours! Complete a total of 20 hikes from within Ottawa-Carleton and Gatineau Park. You can find new trails from this guide book, on the trail finder map or by checking out the National Capital Commission at Go on and get your adventure on! #happyhikings

The Naturalist Series

This challenge is for those who enjoy taking in the flora and fauna. These trails offer either boardwalks or unobstructed paths with little to no elevation variance – making them a more gentle hike so that you can really immerse in nature. These trails also offer up fantastic photo ops like the wildlife at Morris island or sunrises at Cooper Marsh.

The Adventurer Series

Hand raised if you like a challenge?!? If getting outdoors is about upping that heart rate and grabbing the big views, then these trails are for you. Each offer either longer distances (10k+), elevation gains, or both! Gear up, press start on that fitness tracker, and go enjoy!

The Scavenger Series

The Scavenger Series challenge is designed for the wee ones. And really, who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt?!? Grab your littles and head out to a local trail to explore. The Scavenger Series was created with a little learning and a lot of play in mind. It has twelve outdoor experiences to complete and you have all year to finish it!

The Experience Series

Almost like a bucket list. But local. And better. It’s time to make memories with these 12 experiences. Always check opening hours/rates/guidelines with the venue prior to heading out for an optimal experience.

The Eco-Activist Series

Our relationship with nature is a two way street. With every breath of fresh air, trail run, and sunrise we take in…we can also return the favour by focusing on our impact and improving our habits while recreating responsibly. Besides, doing good feels good.

The Wise Owl Series

New to hiking? Or perhaps you’re always out wandering and this is a good refresher. This challenge is aimed at raising our awareness on safety and eco-friendly habits that will help both us and the environment we love exploring so much. Take a crack at each knowledge bit and questions. The answers can be found at on the resources page.

The Wellness Series

Welcome in the new year with this wellness challenge that gives you new habits to try out monthly, then you can decide whether you want to keep, ditch, or develop ’em.

The Otter Water Series

You are the SUP lover, canoe day tripper, or the calm kayaker. Maybe all three?! This challenge is to get you out in the water, and discovering new spots. I mean really, Ontario has over 250,000 lakes (including 1/5 of the world fresh water) and Quebec has over one million lakes and streams. And naming it otter water? It just sounds fun. Launch points and hikes are recommendations. Simply paddle these locations to complete the challenge!

There’s A Challenge For Everyone.

You In?