Birthday Goals: A List of High Ambitions

Birthday Goals: A List of High Ambitions

Last summer I posted an ambitious list of goals that I was aiming to achieve in the year. It was pretty lofty, but then again, my aim is high and my hustle hard my friends.

The list however, is getting smaller and smaller with every year.  It used to be that Girl Gone Good had an incredible bucket list posted, and every time I knocked one off the list the experience would be shared as a blog post. The original had over 120 bucket list items!

The original bucket list was filled with some life long dreams, but mostly it was a list of things that I should want or that others might want.  Obviously, it wasn’t very authentic. It was fun, exciting, adventurous…but not truly what I wanted to accomplish.

I ditched the damn list.

And last year, I created one that’s much shorter and true to self.

So if you’re looking for ideas or interested in this girls life, read on my friends, read on…


Were all these goals from last year reached?! Nope. Ha ha, definitely not. To be honest I forgot about some of them while working my tail feather off for others. **shrugs shoulders** C’est bon.

The original list

  1. start running again (oh how I used to love evening runs!)
  2. clear all debt (except the mortgage, cause really, holy bananas)
  3. handstand (don’t insta pics look better with handstands?!)
  4. complete two whole30s (the reset does my body good)
  5. associate girl gone good with a charity (good feels good 😉 )
  6. finish my BScN (delayed a year so I can take advantage of new veterans bill)
  7. complete the 52 hike challenge (so pretty much I’ll be hiking all winter)
  8. take a Arabic refresher course (one of my hidden talents, love languages!)
  9. revamp girl gone good website with Emily White (time for this girl to grow up)
  10. 50 pushups (just because it’s badass)
  11. 15 chin ups / 10 pull ups (see above…thee chin up bar shall no longer hold clothes)
  12. do less (seems counter-intuitive but I promise it’s not. #selfcare)
  13. buy a ‘new to me’ vehicle (…currently my car comes apart in chunks of rust)
  14. create a capsule wardrobe (gawd, I’m the worse at buying stuff that coordinates)
  15. follow a nutritional plan to support adrenal fatigue (created by NuevaNutrition)
  16. get professional pics done for business (know anyone that can dress me up?!)
  17. keep decluttering (my house, my closet, my relationships, my mind)
  18. take the nursing girls skydiving (have you ever?)
  19. emergency fund created (they say 6 months worth is ideal…I’m thinking 6 days 😛 )
  20. take another month off to travel the Rockies ( #addicted )

Girl Gone Good goals accomplished

Oh my the Girl Gone Good website got a serious facelift this year thanks to the incredibly talented web designer – Emily White.  I’m in love with the fresh new feel and brilliant white space.  Do you like it? Anything else you’d like to see in this space?

Girl Gone Good is also sporting a brand new logo! Anick Baur is the designer behind it. She’s based out of Alexandria, Ontario and also the owner of the cutest little shop called left’n’write.


health goals accomplished

Oh lucky me to be surrounded by the best health professionals I could ask for! First dealing with hypocortisolism (adrenal insufficiency aka burnout) due to chronic stress, then food intolerances and candida.  I love having Dr Jada Macleod (Naturopathic Doctor), Nueva Nutrition (BSc Nutritionist), and B Elite (nutrition and fitness) to guide the way back to health.  It also helps that my medical doctor and endocrinologist are super stars as well. Oh, and being in a supportive community of health professionals like Sara Dubeau (Functional Medicine) and Kelly M Nutrition (Holistic Nutritionist).

Yes, I attempted two whole30 resets. One was successful, one not so much. Turns out Whole30 is not quite the right solution for my nutritional needs at this time although it certainly brought things to light and helped identify some health issues!

The brilliance of doing less is that there is time to do more of what you love. It’s a good life lesson really, and being hyper-scheduled and super structured isn’t my kind of living. It feels suffocating. It is a long term goal that once this last year of nursing  school is over, that overly scheduled life is getting kicked to the curb.

home goals accomplished

It was a sad day when after 14 glorious years, my beater of a Mazda3 stopped running and was given to charity as scrap metal (Kidney Car Canada). On a positive note though it felt great to donate and I ended up with a brand new Mazda3 Sport. It’s shiny, has too many buttons, and woah…is this what the luxury of heated seats/steering is like?!?! #heaven

It’s official, the house has been decluttered to the point of being unable to declutter any more.  Out with all the extras which meant that a) the proceeds went towards debt and b) it cleared space for a fabulous-oh-she’s-the-best roomie to move in!

Travel goals accomplished

Not exactly a month, but I took off for Colorado on Friday and then hitting up the Rockies for two weeks! There are 12 incredible hikes planned which I’ll share some moment here and almost the whole trip an Instagram. I’ve already posted about hiking the aptly named Garden of the Gods!


Goals in progress

The 52 Hike Challenge has been a game changer. Last year 44 hikes were completed, and this year is well on its way to seeing 52 beautiful hikes in the books. Hiking has become ‘my thing’ it seems…


Soooo close to finishing that BScN! One more final year made possible by the new Veterans Affairs Canada Education and Training Benefit plan.

This is the first year that I’ve adapted Mr Money Mustache’s motto of ‘treat debt like an emergency’ and it has paid off in spades (pun intended).  A whopping 47% of my very large debt has been cleared and we’re only half way through the year. How? Maybe that’s a question for another post.

New year, new goals list!

Here it is, the brand new list of goals for my level 4 (40th year on this oh so awesome planet).

  1. start running (because it was my most loved evening wind down)
  2. replace mercury dental fillings with a non-mercury alternative
  3. clear all debt (except the mortgage, cause really, holy bananas)
  4. complete B.Elite program and return to having good gut health
  5. handstand (don’t insta pics look better with handstands?!)
  6. use less plastic (all about that ocean health…and mine)
  7. associate girl gone good with a charity (good feels good 😉 )
  8. finish the BScN and pass NCLEX (so close to being an RN!)
  9. complete the 52 hike challenge (this year it’ll happen…)
  10. 50 pushups / 15 chin ups / 10 pull ups (chin up bar is still dusty)
  11. get professional pics done for business (mountain top selfie works non?)
  12. emergency fund created (not having one gives me anxiety, eeek!)

Take the wheel

It’s going to be an interesting, productive, and holy-sh@t-is-this-really-my-life kind of year ahead.  In my point of view, life is meant to be lived. I mean truly lived.  Gone are the days of being a passenger, we all belong in the driver’s seat.

I’d love to hear about your goals and inspirations for the year. Do you have a bucket list? Resolutions? Big lofty goals? Planning to make a change in the world, or a change in your own world?

Victoria xo

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