Alfred Bog Walk in Prescott-Russell: Hiking Guide

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No joke, winter is my all time favourite season to get outside with some hiking/snowshoeing. What’s yours? Fall is a very close second. Plenty of trails are closed in the spring for ‘mud season’. And summer, forget about it. Well at least in Ontario, the king of ticks/mosquitoes/flies. Others love the summer for the great and swimming. I get it!

The whole point of these detailed Hiking Guides and the ‘A 2020 Adventure Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa & Region‘ is to get you out on the trails no matter the season!

And to add to that list? Oh well hey now, it’s none other that the Alfred Bog Walk in the east end! If you’re lucky, you might even see a moose

The Low Down

  • Distance: A straight forward 78 km (roughly 1 hr drive from Ottawa).
  • Address: Concession Rd 11, Alfred, ON K0B 1A0
  • GPS Coord: 45°29’57.1″N 74°51’59.3″W
  • Directions: Hwy 417 East, staying on Hwy 17 East at the St-Laurent split. Stay on Hwy 17E while driving past Orleans, Cumberland, Rockland, and Plantagenet. before reaching the town of Alfred proper, turn right (south) on County Rd 15 (Station Rd). In 8kms you reach the entrance at Concession Rd 1 (on left).
  • Cellphone Range: Yes.
  • Number of hiking trails: 1.
  • Trail Distance: 278m on boardwalk.
  • Elevation Gain: None.
  • Dogs: Yes.
  • Crowds: Low to moderate.
  • Washrooms: None.
  • Entrance fee: Free.
  • Season: All year. Closed between 11pm and 6am daily.
  • More information: Visit the The Nation website for more info.

Tip: Make your way to Alfred Bog Walk in early June to catch wild orchids in bloom.

In Good Company

Soooooo my mother isn’t a big hiker but if I sweeten the deal with offerings of coffee and a country drive she’s usually in. 😉

Besides being good company, she’s always prepared for my jaunts into wilderness by having a novel packed and enough wit to mock me on the return. Ha ha. Love it. Like today. As I venture for a walk that I complete underestimated (the vast amounts of snow = all the post holing) even though all-the-gear was right there in the trunk. My bad.

What to bring

Besides the 10 essentials and what I would normally suggest for hikes, here are the highlights for this particular hike:

  • Snowshoes: If exploring in the winter since the walk in to the trailhead is not maintained.
  • Tip #1: In the winter, either put your keys between your base and insulating layer, or warm them up in your mitt on the hike out. The batteries in newer key fobs tend to not work when cold…and you have issues starting the car. Warm the key fob, and place in directly against the push start button to start.

Alfred Bog Walk Trails

So here’s the thing – the Alfred Bog Walk may be teeny with only a 278m boardwalk but she’s mighty in flora and fauna is that’s your thing!

How?!? Ummm, how about pitchers plants? Or wild orchids? Or a healthy moose population?!?!

What we quickly found out is that the good 700 meters of Concession Rd 1 that leads to the trailhead….isn’t maintained in the winter. #wompwomp

The trail itself is a well maintained and easy to follow boardwalk that leads you through the largest peat bog in Southern Ontario.

Ferguson Forest is a great spot for families, gentle hikers in the summer, and nature enthusiasts. And in the winter, why not take a snowshoe in?

Note: There is no parking lot, only side of the road parking options.

Nourish Thy Self

Since the easiest way from Ottawa is to take Hwy 17, it makes it easy to grab lunch at the abundant of restaurants in Rockland.

If you’re looking for great coffee and baked goods on the way out? The hands down, stop at The Black Walnut Bakery in Cumberland to top up.

Wrapping It Up

Can. Not. Wait. to venture back out here in the spring/early summer. And take all the pictures. This Hiking Guide will definitely be updated when there’s more great pictures of the boardwalk, plant life, and maaaaaybe a moose?!?! Yaasssssssss.

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Victoria xo