Be The Cheetah!

(originally posted 08 Jan 12) BE THE CHEETAH! I missed my workouts on Friday and Saturday, and am feeling incredibly guilty since the week went so well otherwise. I indulged a little on Friday, sat my butt down and watched some tv. That’s totally cool if I didn’t do the exact same thing on Saturday. At the very least I could of gone for a long walk or done the last ... Continue Reading

My First Shipwreck Scubadive in Bermuda

Shipwreck Dive

"Wake up, we've got 20 minutes" It was a last minute weather call as to whether or not we'd go scuba diving. There was a storm system coming in and if we missed today, there's be no scuba diving a shipwreck during this trip.  With the call made, there was a mad dash to pack a day pack, gather our logs, apply sunscreen and get out to the dive center.  I'm not even ... Continue Reading