Diary Entry – Defeat And Graciouness Of Mt Kinabalu

31 Mar 2011 The taxi driver this morning was fabulous, an extremely happy and chatty man. I told him that I just came back from climbing Mt Kinabalu yesterday and he said: "You look fit, like you didn't climb the mountain!" Oh no, I replied, I climbed it, and it hurt every step of the way!".  He told me that it's a common belief that the mountain is a female spirit.  ... Continue Reading

Lundi Gras in New Orleans

Lundis Gras is still a big day for Carnival. My hotel is a little outside of where I want to be (a good 12 blocks away from Canal St), and if it weren’t festival season then it would be a dangerous area to walk through to get to the French Quarter. Thankfully the streets are lined with tourists and locals alike and there are cops on every corner. I had a million and ... Continue Reading

Climbing Mt Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo

The struggle wasn't against the mountain, it was against myself. I had just quit the army, and having a fun time adjusting to 'normal' life.  Nightmares and self-doubt were frequent. My love life was a colossal mess. Climbing Mt Kinabalu was part of my own "eat,pray,love" adventure in Southeast Asia. I needed something monumental to push my limits of self-awareness, ... Continue Reading

Fun Facts I Learned About Newfoundland

There are approximately 110 000 moose on the island. Moose are not native to the island, they came from New Brunswick in 1904. There are sensors on some sections on the highway that are used as a warning system to drivers to indicate if moose are on the roads. Puffins shed their colourful beaks like snakes shed their skin once a year. The orange colours are like ... Continue Reading

Newfoundland Packing List

The thing about road trips is that I tend to over pack vice under pack. It's logical, since I have a whole car to fill if I'd like and don't have to carry my luggage around myself. It also save me from under packing and buying that last minute must need item during the vacation (like a rain jacket when it pours instead the sunshine Mr Weatherman predicted). Here's ... Continue Reading