Forget the lotto, anyone can travel! (Part1 )

Friends often ask me how I travel so much, wouldn’t I have to be rolling in money? Nope, not even close.  I answered one girl friend yesterday with the following; To save 1. Live below my means 2. Recycle my clothes through consignment stores 3. All spa and beauty treatments thru Groupon 4. Shop the farmers markets for cheap/local/organic produce 5. Workout at home ... Continue Reading

The Beauty of Bermuda

With each visit I’m convince that it’s a little corner of heaven on earth. Bermuda is a pristine oasis of beaches, sunshine and smiles. It’s also home to family, which I love having the chance to catch up with just as much as I love the beach vacation. I’ve been a bit spoiled with them cooking marvelous suppers, letting me stay in the pool house, and enjoying their ... Continue Reading

Symphony of Emotions

Thanks to my amazing fairy godmother and a dear new friend in NYC, I was able to check being part of a live studio audience off the list. I’ll be part of the audience for ABC’s fabulous new show, The Chew that airs today at 1pm EST. The complete experience (along with pictures and links to the show) can be found under Life List #123: Be Apart Of A Live Studio ... Continue Reading