7.5 mud laden kilometers, 3 massive steep hills, 15 grueling obstacles, 9 great friends, thousands of course mates and over 2 hours to complete.  Welcome to Ottawa's Spartan Race. Did you participate in Spartan this year? My legs are still shaking from exhaustion, taking a shower stung from all the cuts and I'm so bruised - I look tanned!!! ;) ... Continue Reading

Weight Loss And Nutrition: Finding What Works!

The constant struggle (read obsession) of weight loss.  My body has been a trial and error experiment for years! Why? Because I'm scared to death of being unhealthy.  Honestly, I see the struggles of smokers, drinkers, and over eaters.  The trouble they have getting up stairs, being uncomfortable in their own skin, and the plague of chronic illnesses. No. Thank. You.  ... Continue Reading

Hearty Cran-Apple Spiced Muffins

So good, there's barely any left from the batch I just made! Ha ha! These deliciously hearty muffins are clean eating and gluten free.  It's a good source of protein and high in both calcium and iron. It's made from what I had in the cupboard, which is usually the way these things go! Looking around, I had these great gala apples that were just sitting there...so I ... Continue Reading

Zesty Clean Eating Dressing

Sometimes sandwiches need a little zing, sweet potato fries need a dip, and salmon needs a sauce but commercial mayonnaise down right scares me! The ingredients are...well...questionable (read: processed).  Dressing should add taste without being processed!  So here is a simpler clean eating and gluten free version. :) "One should eat to live, not live to eat." ~ ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Overdose Hazelnut Cookies (Gluten Free/Clean Eating)

Ready for pure chocolate bliss? One bite and I was in heaven.  Pure chocolate hazelnut heaven!  My ridiculously awesome friend Erika (One cool cat, fitness fanatic and fellow foodie) created them and agreed to let me share them with the world (woohoo!).  I mean, there is no way to keep something this good a secret.  None.  Must be shared!  Best part? They are ... Continue Reading