Kicka** Roasted Spicy Chickpeas


Hot stuff right here! Now, now, don't be offended by the name, there is really just no other way to describe these chickpea guys.  They're hot, spicy, tangy, crunchy and packed with nutritional goodness. Ya ya ya! Clean eaters and Paleo lovers rejoice! ;) Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of roasting vegetables.  All veggies.  Kale, sweet potato, zuchinni...and now ... Continue Reading

Going Good Means Sunday Prep!


Is this even my fridge?! Nope, can't be.  Where is the chaos?! Every meal is accounted for and lined up like little Tupperware soldiers. Ha! Everything ready for grab and go in the mornings. Eeeek! I impressed myself this week. :) Sunday prep usually means planning, groceries, prepping, chopping, cooking, and organizing.  It's meal planning 101 for the week and if ... Continue Reading

BEST Gluten Free, Clean Eating Healthy Banana Bread


You want a gluten-free, clean eating and great tasting banana bread recipe? It's here and it's mouth watering.  Move over Martha Stewart. ;) Don't be fooled though, this is definitely a dessert! Sure, it's gluten free, and sure it's made with clean eating and healthier ingredients...but it IS dessert. A treat (aka don't eat 6 in a row like I just ... Continue Reading

Cream Of Mushroom Soup With Kick


Not your typical cream of mushroom soup.  No flour, no cream.  Sneaky sun dried tomatoes somehow made their way in there.  Cayenne decided to join the party and give it a kick. With another chilly week on the way, nothing is better than curling up with soup in my books. Of course, you can always use this as a base for pasta as well! :) Cream Of Mushroom Soup ... Continue Reading

Clean Eating Sweet Tooth Trail Mix

Sweet-tooths rejoice!

You know the moments, the ones when you're stuck in traffic, pinned to your desk at work or running around and all you see is fast food options - everywhere!?!? Or worse, no options? Eeeekkk! You're so hungry you'd eat anything. I'm not sure about you, but I pretty much turn evil when hungry (just ask my family) so going hungry isn't a viable choice. *giggle* ... Continue Reading