A Russell Sunrise: Clean Eating Egg & Prosciutto Breakfast

Russell Sunrise: A breakfast that's perfect for guests.

Forget fried eggs and greasy bacon...here's a healthy alternative that will have your guests wanting more! A friend of mine treated me to this delicious breakfast egg idea years ago and it's been a staple of mine ever since. When I asked my mother what I should call this breakfast, the promptly replied "a Russell sunrise" after our small village hometown. :) I'm ... Continue Reading

Clean Eating Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

Nothing reminds me of fall weather better than pumpkin and spices.  What's great about pumpkin is it's versatility - it can be roasted, or added to smoothies, crepes, muffins, pies and just about anything else you can think of.   The all mighty pumpkin is jam-packed with nutritional goodness! It's loaded with vitamin A, antioxidant carotenoids (particularly alpha and ... Continue Reading

Clean-Eating Dessert: Chocolate Angel Food Cake and Raspberry Coulis

Chocolate AND raspberries AND it's clean eating...seriously?! Seriously. *HaPpY DaNcE* Nobody wants to be the debbie downer when asked over to supper just because you're eating clean, following a healthy diet or have a food intolerance. So what's a clean eater to do? Offer to bring something. Sure , offering to help out with the meal is the polite thing to do, ... Continue Reading

Healthy Eating: My Biggest Lie

Image by NineMSN Food at www.food.ninemsn.com.au

My biggest lie in life is that I'm a healthy eater. I was so good at lying, I believed myself. I remember being at an appointment with the dietician a few years ago.  She asked me what I was typically eating in a day.  I described my foods to her; vegetables, salads, fruits, lean meats, lots of water.  I didn't drink soda, jus or much alcohol.  After listing ... Continue Reading

Remaking Ourselves: My Life Changing 3 Year Plan

"Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…as in being able to remake ourselves." ~ Mahatma Gandhi It's a grounding quote to keep in mind as we search out our place in the world.  Sometimes there is a rush to leave our mark, to help the world, to leave a legacy...so we start up foundations, write books, and try our best to make the world a ... Continue Reading