Cream Of Mushroom Soup With Kick


Not your typical cream of mushroom soup.  No flour, no cream.  Sneaky sun dried tomatoes somehow made their way in there.  Cayenne decided to join the party and give it a kick. With another chilly week on the way, nothing is better than curling up with soup in my books. Of course, you can always use this as a base for pasta as well! :) Cream Of Mushroom Soup ... Continue Reading

Clean Eating Sweet Tooth Trail Mix

Sweet-tooths rejoice!

You know the moments, the ones when you're stuck in traffic, pinned to your desk at work or running around and all you see is fast food options - everywhere!?!? Or worse, no options? Eeeekkk! You're so hungry you'd eat anything. I'm not sure about you, but I pretty much turn evil when hungry (just ask my family) so going hungry isn't a viable choice. *giggle* ... Continue Reading

New Years 24 Hr Fitness Challenge

This might be a little insane.  It's crazy with a side of possible.  Mostly, it's a challenge to shake off 2012 and come into 2013 strong.  This challenge is a challenge. The challenge: complete 1000 squats and/or lunges, 1000 ab exercises of choice and 13 burpees for a grand total of 2013. Are you game? Simple acts like sitting and laughing will hurt ... Continue Reading

Vegas Day 6:Thrills, Chills and Bills

Ever crave an adrenaline rush? Something to make you feel alive? After an incredibly laaaaaazy day (well deserved after hitting the gym) we scooted over to catch a roller-coaster ride in our hotel. Oh yes, it's in and around our hotel, we've been hearing screaming riders all week! That little coaster packs more punch than I expected, I screamed...a few times.  ... Continue Reading

Vegas Day 5: A Dam, A Canyon, And An Unexpected Detour.

It's pitch black. We're in middle of the Mojave Desert. The gas tank is near empty. We have no clue where we are. Lost.  Two Canadians lost at night in the middle of the desert sounds like the start of a joke or a horror movie. For us, it's just a road trip 'oops'! Thankfully there was town lights in the distance. :) We were only a hour off our route (an hour?!?! How ... Continue Reading