The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Day 2

When I cut out sugar, it always seems to be day two and three that are the hardest.  So I'm fully going to admit right now that I had a handful of dark chocolate chips today.  It was awesome, and possible saved my sanity! Ha ha!  I'm never the all or nothing type,  or obsessive with diets...the stress and guilt isn't worth it in my books.  So I had a little dark ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Day 1

So I finally put the cookies away...but not before watching the UFC fight with friends last night and indulging like nobody's business!  Yikes!  There's something about changing my diet that always makes my mind freak a little...and then act like a bear preparing for hibernation. Ri-di-cu-lous! Guilty from yesterday, yet pretty darn proud of today! The Workout While ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Preparation Day

I won't lie...I've had a hot chocolate today.  Large.  With whipped cream.  Oh, and chocolate chips.  **sheepish grin** Ok, ok, and some cookies. Sigh. As soon as I committed to going Paleo this week (why oh why??!!?), my body went into full fledged panic mode.  No chocolate, no breads, no dairy, no drinking.....I'm gonna have to start swearing, cause you're taking ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Explained

Oh the controversy! One mention of adopting the Paleo diet for a week and the opinions came flooding in.  :) Which is great! I love opinions, responses, thoughts...the more the better.  The whole idea is to share information and experiences.  So go ahead, comment on my blog :) What I'm going to do: For a week, starting this Sunday, I'm going to adapt the Paleo diet. ... Continue Reading

Life List #131: Run the Color Me Rad

How can running through cloud upon cloud of color in downtown Montreal with thousands of people not be a great day? It was fabulous! And full of giggles, good friends and color fights. :) Ever since seeing it advertised last year, I've wanted to do a Color Me Rad run.  Being splashed with brightly colored cornstarch that covers you head to toe.  Reminds me of ... Continue Reading