Family Inspiration: She Would Kill Me For Posting This ;)

She would kill me for posting this. So, shhhhhhh, it’s our secret.  ;)  It’s 3am and she’s in constant pain.   Falling in and out of sleep, trying to get as much rest as possible before tonight's surgery. I can’t ever remember seeing her sick, and not once have I ever heard her complain about pain - EVER.   My grandmother is one tough cookie, yet here she is, in ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Results

My results and what I've learned from this experiment might surprise you ~ at least they surprised me! "The greatest wealth is Health.” The experiment was to complete seven days of a Paleo inspired diet (with a little intermission between the days).  There were some ups and downs along the way (like learning what qualifies and what doesn't, and running out of food ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Day 7 (Finish Strong?)

Last day of the experiment, everything was going perfectly until... Supper.  Go ahead, learn from my mistake. The Workout Starting a new job is so exciting that I'm actually spent by the end of the week!  It's been months since I've worked a 9 to 5 job, and I'm not that surprised that it's taking a few days to get used to the routine again.  Not to mention that ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Day 6 (aka kicking a**)

Alright all my fit and foodie friends, there might be something to this Paleo thing - I feel GREAT! Woohoo! I've never have so many vegetables in my life, or such colourful plates. I actually walking into the right change room today, so not workplace goof ups for you guys to giggle at, but I was cheesy enough for everyone *groan*. The Workout I had a little extra ... Continue Reading

The Girl Gone Good Paleo Experiment: Day 5

Who accidentally walks into the men's washroom her first day at ta new workplace? This girl.  Who leaves an hour early to beat traffic/snow only to arrive 8 minutes later? This girl.  I ventured on the side of ridiculous today.  Stuff like this happened all day! Yikes! *sigh* Good news is that I rocked my paleo experiment and workouts (ya ya ya!), let the experiment ... Continue Reading