Ottawa Day Trip: North and South Glengarry Townships

I’ll be the first to admit that I love getting as many passport stamps as possible during the year. Traveling to foreign countries is exciting and exotic!  It can also be pricey, hectic, and chew up those vacation days.  Sooooooo if a little ‘staycation’ is your deal or if you love exploring your own backyard Ottawa – then this day trip to North and South Glengarry is for you!

These fabulous country gems are sure to satisfy city dwellers and trendsetters alike…

Zengarry Fauxmagerie

You likely seen their incredible cashew based ‘cheeses’ in Wholefoods and Kardish stores around the city but did you know that the main store for Zengrarry Fauxmagerie is in Alexandria? The secret is that if you visit her storefront, you’ll have flavours that are not available elsewhere!  I ended up picking up a rosemary blueberry faux chevre and a mind-blowing pub cheddar (made with Beaus beer!)

The storefront has a wonderfully stylish set up that highlights what cheeses are on hand and another area where owner Lynda highlights the products of other local entrepreneurs.

…the only issue I have with Zengarry is that their cheeses are so tasty that I seem to eat them in one sitting. Every. Single. Time.

Tip: Ask Lynda for her favourite pairings! She suggested a blueberry gin jam to pair with the rosemary blueberry chevre cashew cheese…it may have lasted a day. Maybe. Oh so delicious!

The Quirky Carrot

Hands down my new favourite little café. Yes, I’m playing favourites here…and you will too! Ottawa has some great coffee shops and cafes, but The Quirky Carrot would give them all a run for their money.  The owner/chef is the forever friendly Julia and beware my little socialites – you might even be snagged as their daily menu model for their Instagram feed!

the quirky carrot glengarry

It is located on the main street and you’ll immediately be drawn by the stylish, yet comfortable atmosphere. Step inside to a vibe that’s incredibly friendly with its steady stream of regulars stopping in and stirring up conversation with the staff and strangers alike.

Have I mentioned the menu yet? The menu is small and exquisitely tailored to appease your taste buds with fresh, nutritious foods. There are fresh juices, coffee, baked goods, and a breakfast selection that leaves me drooling.  They also highlight local gems which is why you’ll find honeys and pollen from my friend Emily’s True Bee Honey display on the shelves for sale (the buckwheat is delicious and her pollen is what I often use in my smoothies).

Tip: Everything is delicious but order the brownie to go….and thank me later.

Left & Write Paperie

Left & Write is located directly across from The Quirky Carrot.  The owner is Anick, a little bit of a creative gal, and by a little I mean a lot! If fact she’s the designer behind the logos for The Quirky Carrot, True Bee Honey, and Auld Kirkland amongst others.  Her designs are right up my alley, so much so that I’m getting her to redesign the Girl Gone Good logo for the new website redesign this fall!

left n write glengarry

Her paper store is a wonder all on its own.  Stylish, trendy, and filled delights like hilarious cards, campy candles, and all things paper!  The cards literally make me snort out loud with laughter. It’s a thing. Don’t judge.

Tip: Indulge in a Campy candle and buy a funny ‘just because’ card for a friend.

St Raphael’s Ruins

You’ll have to ask one of the volunteers for details, but it was a raging fire in 1970 that left this massive stone church with only it’s outer shell – a stark feature against the rolling green hills in Glengarry.  The church has since been repurposed to host concerts (the acoustics are stellar) and weddings (can you imagine a gorgeous outdoor wedding here?) mostly.  Although really, I think it would be an incredible spot for a photo shoot.

Tip: Check for concert dates online and book before they quickly sell out!

St Raphaels Ruins Glengarry

C&N Interiors

If you enjoy interior décor or amazing kitchen finds, this little place has a lot of style.  There are more than a few pieces from my living area that I purchased at C&N!

Tip: Venture upstairs to my favourite finds for the home (right now it’s nautical themed!)

CnN Interiors Glengarry

Auld Kirktown

Right beside the highway 401 exit in this seemingly little yellow country gift shop called Auld Kirktown. It’s not little, it deceptively big and full of more great home decor finds! They even have those large knit pillows and throws that are trending right now.  My find was a soup bowl for work…it’s ok to laugh, but I’m a pottery lover!

Tip: In the side room to the right of the entrance they have some rustic yet modern mirrors that are gorgeous!

Auld Kirkland Glengarry

Cooper’s Marsh

Cooper’s Marsh is located right along the St Lawrence river, there is a huge ‘turn here’ sign so that you can’t miss it off highway 2.  I missed it.  Just sayin’. They have day programs for the kids, great bird watching, viewing blinds, a view tower, and multiple trails.  Admittedly I didn’t stay long this time since the genius that I am forgot bug spray…but I’ve gone running there before and enjoyed it!

Tip: Bring bug spray, camera, and binoculars.

Dimitri’s Restaurant

Located right along highway 2 nestled between Lancaster and Cornwall, is Dimitri’s Greek restaurant on the water.  Not only is it a gorgeous setting, but the food is fantastic.

Tip: Don’t have desert though…that’s the next stop…

Dimitris Glengarry

Antiques and Ice cream

Right, so basically no one has heard of Martintown. It’s tiny with a lot of heart.  Well, watch out Ottawa because Martintown is the perfect last stop on this day trip. It comes alive especially on Sundays near the mill!  A big beautiful antique shop for unique finds, an ice cream shop, fresh fruits and vegetables stand, and if you’re lucky (which isn’t unusual)…live music.

Tip:  Bring cash for the fruits and veggie stand, and if you’re short there’s an ATM inside the antique shop.

Martintown Glengarry


Road trips are kinda my jam, and a favourite thing to do whenever I have a free day…a habit I got from my mother (she’s often my travel buddy!).  There’s something about exploring our own backyard and supporting local businesses that I wholeheartedly enjoy.  Kindly consider taking a road trip like this next time you want to catch up with friends or take the family out! #supportlocal

(Sidenote: I realized afterwards that this post needs higher quality…and more…pictures to do it justice, so I’ll be updating in the next few days!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Although your title says North & South Glengarry, the little intro blurb indicates only South Glengarry.
    Your first 3 Wonderful stops are in North Glengarry, so maybe when you do your updating …. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for picking up on that typo! I’ve updated the post already, I suppose this is what happens when you post late night. Ha ha. I grew up in the Prescott-Russell area so I have much love for both North and South Glengarry! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for reading. 🙂

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