Newfoundland Packing List

The thing about road trips is that I tend to over pack vice under pack. It’s logical, since I have a whole car to fill if I’d like and don’t have to carry my luggage around myself. It also save me from under packing and buying that last minute must need item during the vacation (like a rain jacket when it pours instead the sunshine Mr Weatherman predicted).

Here’s what I brought with me…


  • jeans x1
  • capris x 1
  • jogging pants/lululemons x 4 (for hiking and lounging)
  • sundress  x 2
  • tees and tanks x 7
  • cardigan x 1
  • hoodie x 1
  • warm windproof jacket x 1
  • underwear and socks (sufficient for 10 days)
  • sandals x 3 (my trusty Birks and two fashion sandals)
  • runners x 1
  • hat x 1
  • sunglasses x 2


  • shower kit
  • hairdryer/flat iron
  • towel and washcloth
  • baby wipes and face cleansing cloths


  • laptop and charger
  • cell phone and charger
  • DSLR camera and charger
  • waterproof camera and charger


What I would change

  • less tops (came home with clean clothes, when does that ever happen?)
  • toque (it gets cold in the mountains and coastal areas!)

Hope this helps!

Victoria xo






  1. thanks im going fro 2 weeks so ill times eveything by 2

  2. Thanks for posting! My girlfriend and I are going this June for a 2-week trip across the island and can’t wait!

    • Amazing, hope you both have a fantastic time! Newfoundland really is one of my favourite spots to visit, between the park, beaches, and peoeple….you can’t go wrong.

  3. Janet WHITE says:

    Am going third week of September…anything else? What little gifts to bring for locals (from ‘away’)? What souvenirs to buy? What food not to miss… Thanks.

    • Janet! I personal love the local knitted mitts and toques, which are colourful and made with love. Beyond that…the art, if possible, there are some great local artists that would add beauty to any home.

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