Life List

Ah the bucket list, what exactly would you like to accomplish and experience in this lifetime? It is a pretty hefty question.  The reality for myself is that I used to be an avid goal getting/acheiver, and now I’m looking for a little more balance in life. The ability to do less and appreciate more.

When Girl Gone Good first started there was over a hundred different items to scratch off on my lifelist and now there is a mere 30.  That original list was chalk full of goals and experiences that were on other peoples lists, or ones I found on a best rated/top ten list.  It wasn’t genuine. It was glossy.  So here is what I would really like to try and experience in life…and if I dont that’s ok too.  Life is meant to be fluid and enjoyed.

Do you have a bucketlist/lifelist/goallist?  Break out a pen and paper, and list without restraint – I dare you! No wish too big nor small.

Girl Gone Good’s Life List

  1. Northern Lights, Iceland
  2. Spend a night in a castle, Scotland
  3. Do 10 pull ups/15 chin ups/50 pushups
  4. Dog-sledding and Ice Hotel, Sweden
  5. Sailing, Galapagos Islands
  6. Volcanos, The Azores
  7. Bassball game, Chicago, USA
  8. Learn to do a handstand
  9. Icebergs and penguins, Antarctica
  10. Explore and visit old friends, East Timor
  11. Ride the trans-siberian express, Russia
  12. Hike Moab, Utah, USA
  13. Drive a motorcycle
  14. Trek the Great Wall, China
  15. Learn to surf
  16. Spend an evening catching fireflies
  17. Write a book
  18. Own an original work of art
  19. Complete a university degree
  20. Save enough to retire by 55 years of age
  21. Have champagne and strawberries for breakfast
  22. Become a philanthropist
  23. Bake a real key lime pie from scratch
  24. Be debt free
  25. Sketch a landscape
  26. Volunteer to help out for disaster relief
  27. Spend a week in silence
  28. Have a complete spa day makeover
  29. Master my own health
  30. Hike Patagonia