Lethal Ladies take on a Tough Mudder!

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Dry your eyes princess: you’re about to be challenged

Thanks to the Lethal Ladies (how’s that for a kickass team name eh?) another Life List item is completed with gutso – hello Tough Mudder!

Do you have what it takes?

Tough Mudder Toronto brought to the table 17 kms, 4 hills (ski hills!), and over 20 obstacles packed into one intimidating hard-ass course!  It was grueling, challenging, and let’s be honest – painful.  The obstacles play on fears such as heights, water, and confined spaces.  It asked you to take these challenges head on, and conquer them.  As the Tough Mudder website states; “Tough Mudder events are hardcore obstacle courses designed to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie”

Of course you do!

Tough Mudder is also welcoming, motivating, heart pumping, invigorating, and the slickest operating event I’ve ever participated in! No one run through it alone.  Teamwork is a must. There are no time chips, no race. Only the challenge and satisfaction of completing one hell of a course.

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

It’s all about the TEAMWORK. Strength in numbers.

Our  team, Lethal Ladies, rose to to the occasion.  Ok, it’s more like we all signed up without knowing really what we were getting into! Ha ha.  Once there though, we instantly fell in love with Tough Mudder!

Our fave quote was after we rocked the funky monkey (monkey bars) a group of guys stood in awe and one jokingly said; “The Lethal ladies should be checked for steroids”. Why? Cause we owned it. Not one of us fell. 🙂

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Post challenge with our finisher tees and headbands!

Obstacle run down (and tips!)

Arctic Enema: Jump as close to the wall as possible, feel for the board with your hand and go under quickly.

Balls to the Walls: Use each other to get over.  Step on teammates thighs and shoulders to get out. DO NOT jump down on the other side from the top (saw one girl break bones doing that), let yourself hang and drop.

Electric Eel: Put your head down and crawl as fast as possible!

Warrior Carry: Piggy back anyone? 😉

Electric Shock Therapy: Link together as a group. Hold an arm out to protect your face. Run like hell.

Just the Tip: There’s a surprisingly good grip here, just take your time and trust that you can do it.

Funky Monkey: Dry hands! Otherwise those bars are slippery. Take one at a time, use momentum.

Everest: Longer strides, full power. You’ll need someone strong at the top to pull you up.

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Taking on the mud mile is where we laughed the most, it’s impossible to complete this a) without help and b) without hilarious mishaps.

What to bring in your race bag:

  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag (for the mud soaked race clothes)
  • Warm change of clothes (washing stations are great, but COLD)
  • Cash (food, beer, clothing for sale onsite)

What to wear:

  • No cotton!
  • Breathable, quick drying clothing
  • OLD sneakers (either donate of wash after the race)
Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Do you seriously want to bring those home? Nah, donate them and feel good about leaving your runners behind. 😉


  • Don’t pin your bib to the front, you’ll likely lose it during all the crawling. Try pinning it to the side or on the thigh.
  • Double, triple, quadruple tie your laces tightly and duck tape them.  Nobody wants to lose a shoe. That just sucks.
  • Ladies, you might want to shave you legs the morning of the race.  No, it’s not like wearing lipstick to the gym. It’s more like there is no way in hell you’ll be able to shave you legs for a while afterwards!
Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Didn’t you know? Only the cool kids duck tape their laces. 😉 We counted at least 5 people running one-shoed during the course!

This started out as an idea months ago, and built until we were a solid team of 5  women.  Some of us never met until the day before Tough Mudder.  Some trained, others didn’t. We had the determination and heart in common and ended up being the perfect team for each other!  I was nervous as all get out.  I didn’t train.  I was sick all week.  My experience at the Spartan Race wasn’t the best.  Mostly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We had to climb a 6 foot wall just to get to the start line! The MC was phenomenal, and I mean utterly fantastic! With the music pumping, crowd gathered, he raised our motivation and highlighted the aspects of safety, teamwork and The Wounded Warrior Project. We were ready.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” ~ Franklin D Roosevelt.

Sure, it’s hard.  Let me tell you the best parts though;

  • there are multiple water stations with fruit and cliff bars (and johnny rockets!)
  • safety staff is everywhere
  • runners all look out for each other
  • there are spectator routes your friends and family can use to snap pictures
  • the volunteer staff will help you with tips and trick to get through the obstacles
  • there is no pressure to complete all obstacles.

It was grueling but fun, and after all that – I want to do it again!

Except maybe the Electric Eel obstacle that you can see below.  That knocked me down, and yes, I was the weakest link in our group – ha ha. I got shocked twice and hit the ground to crawl first! Ooooppppsss! Ha ha ha

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Our final obstacle was the Electric Eel, which if shocked – puts me flat on my arse! So link up, hands up, and RUN!

Lethal Ladies at Tough Mudder Toronto

Not gonna lie, after two shocks, I was down and crawling as fast as my body my body could take me!


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    let me know when you want to do the next one, I am looking I to 2014 and 2015 dates!

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