Let Me Introduce Myself…

My best friend and I have this thing.  We say “what a difference a year can make”.  Every time we think we are going to yin only to yang.

Forget plans…I like saying yes to random adventures too often and my best laid plans always seem to go sideways in the most epic (and later laughable) of ways.

Life changes. We change. So with that (and the fact that there have been  lot of new faces join me on social media lately) I’ve update my ‘about’ page on the website and decided to post seven little things about myself as way of introduction…


  1. Somehow, in my mid-thirties, I found myself applying to the BScN (nursing) program at the University of Ottawa.  Third year is coming up in September and I’m still in awe that I’ve made it this far. In high school I failed calculus three times and hated biology! No more.  I’ve always wanted a degree and this one is kick ass.IMG_4038
  2. I’m not so secretly grooming my 6 year old nice to be my hiking and travel buddy.  The kid rocks. “Where would you like to go next Quinn?” “I dunno…Australia?” Solid.IMG_5714
  3. Mountains are my jam. Well, they are everyone’s jam. At least they should be. I can’t get enough. My friends can’t get enough.  They are humbling, grounding, and exhilarating. Most summer trips are planned around this fact. Mountains make the best memories.IMG_6024
  4. I feel incredibly proud about being a military veteran, yet uncomfortable as all get out talking about it in public most often than not.  Actually, it makes me cringe when friends mention it aloud. Dear friends, I love you but stop that. 😉
  5. My smoothies may always look pretty, but some are an insult to taste buds everywhere.  Don’t worry, I don’t post those puppies. I do however suffer in silence while drinking them because I can’t justify throwing out good ingredients.IMG_6080
  6. I’m in a love/hate relationship with Christmas Abbott.  Her workout plans scare and inspire me.  Mostly scare. But who cares. She gets the job done.  I’ve never foam rolled this much in my life.
  7. I’ll easily book a 30$/night hostel yet spend mucho bills on massage, reflexology, naturopathic doctors, etc.  (Just like I did today) Priorities? Definitely in check. It’s all about balance!

This year to incredibly different from last year. Vastly. It’s almost mind blowing.  It’s awesome. Do you have years like that? Or do things tend to go according to plan? Whatever your direction, keep moving forward.


Victoria xo






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