Hot Chocolate Bar

What possibly could be more appropriate or fun for a winter social then having a hot chocolate bar? First of all – it’s chocolate. So that’s an instant win. Secondly, it can be traditional, vegan, paleo, keto-licious if you’re in to that…whatever suits your food style! Lastly, and arguably most importantly, you can up you hot chocolate game by adding a little baileys to the bar. Just sayin’. #tistheseason

hot chocolate bar

We tried this out at Christmas and it may just be a new tradition.  Or maybe it’s a very old tradition, have you ever read up on the history of hot chocolate?!? You warriors should, it’s kinda neat.

hot chocolate bar

All ’bout that base

The two brands in my pantry are Camino’s organic hot chocolate mix (more of a traditional hot chocolate taste that the kids enjoys) and Four Sigmatic hot chocolate (lighter tasting with cordyceps or reishi).  The other option of course is to make your own blend from scratch with cocoa, sweetener of choice, and either a milk (coconut work well) or water base.

hot chocolate bar

Variety is the spice of life

  • Traditional: add marshmallows (currently crushin’ on Against All Grain’s marshmallow recipe)
  • Peppermint: add a peppermint candy cane (it will completely dissolve).
  • Mocha: add a shot of expresso
  • Adults Only: baileys (we love Bailey’s non dairy almond flavour)
  • Blackforrest Cake: add cherry juice and top with whipped cream (or coconut cream!) and chocolate shavings
  • Spiced: add a dash of cinnamon, cayenne is you’re feelin’ it.
  • Canadiana: add maple syrup, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with maple flakes and bacon

hot chocolate bar

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

~Charles M. Schulz

hot chocolate bar

This kind of treat is perfect for the cabin, kids, or a home parties in the these cold cold temps!  Speaking of which, I’m going to curl up with a book, fuzzy socks, and a cup of hot cocoa myself…


Victoria xo




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