Birthday Goals: Getting Older Isn’t Scary, It’s Motivational AF.

Birthday goals, got any? I have twenty. Twenty lofty little goals and I’m shouting them out to give you ideas and keep my arse accountable to them…


I looked up from ordering my usual grande-dirty-chai-latte-with-coconut-milk at Starbucks to see their new summer slogan of ‘good feels good’…well shit, I should have thought of that motto first! **facepalm** (really wish I did).  I digress…

So here’s a little secret that amazed some on Instagram – it was my birthday this week and I turned THIRTY NINE.  Meaning one more little year before the big ol FOUR-OH hits. **Eeekk** And really the only thing that really sums up how I feel is ‘good feels good’.

Birthday Goals Hello 39

Some get the blues about getting closer to a milestone birthday, but really I find it motivational AF.  There is nothing depressing about it, I’m going into my best years and believe it!  My twenties were full of adventures and risks, my thirties were full of challenges and learning curves, and next year who knows what the forties will bring but I want to be ready for whatever I’m lucky enough to experience in life.

Thirty Nine Is Fine  Goals

Still, there are some things that I am determined to get done before the big birthday and as of today I have 362 days to get my hustle on…helloooo birthday goals:

  1. start running again (oh how I used to love evening runs!)
  2. clear all debt (except the mortgage, cause really, holy bananas)
  3. handstand (don’t insta pics look better with handstands?!)
  4. complete two whole30s (the reset does my body good)
  5. associate girl gone good with a charity (good feels good 😉 )
  6. finish my BScN (delayed a year so I can take advantage of new veterans bill)
  7. complete the 52 hike challenge (so pretty much I’ll be hiking all winter)
  8. take a Arabic refresher course (one of my hidden talents, love languages!)
  9. revamp girl gone good website with Emily White (time for this girl to grow up)
  10. 50 pushups (just because it’s badass)
  11. 15 chin ups / 10 pull ups (see above…thee chin up bar shall no longer hold clothes)
  12. do less (seems counter-intuitive but I promise it’s not. #selfcare)
  13. buy a ‘new to me’ vehicle (…currently my car comes apart in chunks of rust)
  14. create a capsule wardrobe (gawd, I’m the worse at buying stuff that coordinates)
  15. follow a nutritional plan to support adrenal fatigue (created by NuevaNutrition)
  16. get professional pics done for business (know anyone that can dress me up?!)
  17. keep decluttering (my house, my closet, my relationships, my mind)
  18. take the nursing girls skydiving (have you ever?)
  19. emergency fund created (they say 6 months worth is ideal…I’m thinking 6 days 😛 )
  20. take another month off to travel the Rockies ( #addicted )

Noted. Write it out.

I keep these birthday goals in a notebook along with over thoughts, ides, and goals.  It’s good to write shit down, keeps it in focus. Works for me anyways. That notebooks goes everywhere I go. I reread it, add it it, amend it. All the ideas, smart ones and silly ones are jotted down.  It’s fluid, just the way I like life.

Birthday Goals Notebook

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity but to be blunt, aging is a privilege that we’re not all given in life.  Count yo blessings! Instead of dreading birthdays and wrinkles…do your best to have just fun along the way.  No one is going to regret staying healthy and laughing more.  I guess what I’m saying is think about investing in yourself now to create the best possible future.  It’s going to be good!


Victoria xo









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