Festive Garlic Cheese Bread

festive garlic cheese bread

Scroll, scroll, scroll, woah. Browsing through Instagram I tumbled upon Jillian Harrispost of this delicious Christmas Tree Cheesy Bread.  It’s hassle free, fun, and festive! Purrrrrr-fect for my little family dinner today. I couldn’t believe how easy this was to throw together which is my kind of cookin’!

Turned out great, thankfully, because I unknowingly bought a duck instead of a turkey **rolling eyes**, overcooked the ham like a champ, and lost (then found) my wallet in the snow. Typical day really.

I woke up this morning with extra oomph for our family’s Christmas dinner. House was cleaned, meal prepped, and myself presentable – all before 9am. #winning S

Turns out I prepped the meal too soon, because I couldn’t remember what time I told the family to arrive. Everyone loves dried out ham right?!?!

The bread turned out great and with a little wine everything else tasted wonderful too. Ha ha!  It was a simple meal of ham, potatoes, and brussel sprouts (which were delicious mostly because my sister made them, LOL).

So back to this bread….it’s not gluten free, it’s not dairy free, and it’s definitely not vegan. But you can make it these things and the Jillian Harris gives a great vegan variation.  The original recipe if from Erin Ireland’s insta feed who was inspired by Penny at Walnut Trees who got her inspo from Delish…and that’s where my recipe investigation skills kinda end. If anyone knows the original recipe creator, for the love of everything – let me know so I can credit properly, mmK? Ok.

Now, try not to drool.

festive garlic cheese bread

It’s really simple. Using ready-made pizza dough, you roll the dough around a small cube of mozzarella cheese and place the dough balls on parchment paper creating the shape of your tree.  Then you dust the tree with garlic and butter.  Bake until golden and sprinkle with fresh basil. Voila. That easy!

festive garlic cheese bread


In fact…it’s hours later and I’m still snacking on it while watching Christmas movies! Isn’t that what the holidays are for – to relax and recharge with delicious food? Gone are my elaborate cooking days, and thankfully my family doesn’t mind the mishaps.  Just ask my brother about the time I made cookie cakes after adding too much liquids and then made the whole family sick. It happens. **shrugs shoulders** Amazingly enough, they still love me.

Cheers to the holidays!


Victoria xo






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