Coping Skills: When life gives you lemons

Brush off those coping skills, what do you do when life gives you (perceived) lemons?

Cloping Skills

I’m pretty sure my own life gave me whiplash this week.  If you have been following on Instagram you would have gotten that vibe.  It’s like I unknowingly double booked myself for the school of hard knocks and a summer abundance camp in the same week.  Ah-mazing. **rolling eyes** Thankfully I have a little sense of humour.

It went a little something like this…

The Week

Glorious spa day with my mama, exciting Girl Gone Good growth and collaborations. Sudden loss of work contract. Super fun 80s flashback birthday celebrations. New contract prospects and rushed interview. Friend’s family involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Easy going and heart-warming wedding celebrations. An alarming doctors appointment that has me fast tracked to a specialist. Unexpected funds in the mail. Aaaaand for some reason the end of the week gifted me with a notice that my properties taxes are lowered this year. Lowered. Well. That never happens. **Hello karma is that you trying to balance things out?!**

The Attitude

By Sunday, I was tired of this ‘feast or famine’ and decided to say ‘f*ck it, let’s feast’!

Let’s be real this could of easily have been a recipe for a good old fashion melt down (which admittedly I’m still able to channel my two year old self and do…) except I learned long ago that one cannot bend the river.

one cannot bend the river

Did life really just chuck a bunch of lemons my way? Or maybe it’s an opportunity for something more suited or needed to come into my life.   My sanity is telling me to hang on to the latter perspective.  It was a shocking week, but not exactly horrible.

The incredible bonus is that I was surrounded by family and friends on Saturday that kept me grounded, encouraged, and simply let me be in the joyous moment with them.

The Coping Skills

There was a time that I used to be heartbroken when I didn’t get the big things in life I wanted oh-so-much at the time.  Like the best friend that I secretly wanted to date or the super cool work gigs I interviewed but never got chosen for or the military deployment I never wanted but ended up being ordered to go.

The life lesson is that very good things came from not getting what I wanted at the time.  Experiences, brotherhood, and new life paths that I now wouldn’t take back for the world. That realization alone is a game changer and a very healthy coping skill.

The Mindset

Amazingly, I’m not drowning in fear over the sudden changes from last week. The immediate future is unknown and that’s always a little scary…but also exciting.  The way is clear for new adventures, opportunities, and experiences. I have faith that the right thing will work out.  Not that I’m waiting for <insert higher belief here> to sort things out.  This girl is taking advantage of these events to hustle and whatever comes through will be what’s right – for right now.  A little grit goes a long way, eh? 😉

We are all wonderfully different and I am not about to tell you how to perceive things or deal with the lemons in life.  Healthy coping skills are best when tailored to the individual! It doesn’t matter what they are necessarily, only that you have them. Grow them. Nurture them.  Collect them enthusiastically. My suggestion is to keep a f*ck load of grit, resiliency, and coping skills in your kick a** arsenal for rainy days.

We may not be able to bend the river, but we can certainly build a boat to navigate through rough waters and soak up on sun on the calmer days.


Victoria xo









  1. Good on you for intentionally cultivating an attitude of making the best of whatever you can. That is a TOUGH thing to do, but infinitely better for your sanity, health, attitude, everything, if you can do it. The unknown is absolutely scary and exciting at the same time. I decided to make a career change later in life (in my mid-thirties) after a number of challenges and blessings, quit my job, closed up my life in Canada, and moved overseas to go to med school in Australia. Both exhilarating and terrifying.

    Life is full of surprises, challenges, twists and turns. You’ve got this.

    • Mindy! You’ve got it right that big changes can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, yet most always worth it. Congratulations on following your own path and going to med school in Australia. I’ve been there once and absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing and the kind words of encouragement! Life certainly is an adventure is you let it.

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