Vegas Day 6:Thrills, Chills and Bills

Ever crave an adrenaline rush? Something to make you feel alive? After an incredibly laaaaaazy day (well deserved after hitting the gym) we scooted over to catch a roller-coaster ride in our hotel. Oh yes, it's in and around our hotel, we've been hearing screaming riders all week! That little coaster packs more punch than I expected, I ... Continue Reading

Vegas Day 5: A Dam, A Canyon, And An Unexpected Detour.

It's pitch black. We're in middle of the Mojave Desert. The gas tank is near empty. We have no clue where we are. Lost.  Two Canadians lost at night in the middle of the desert sounds like the start of a joke or a horror movie. For us, it's just a road trip 'oops'! Thankfully there was town lights in the distance. :) We were only a hour off our ... Continue Reading

Life List #102: The Grand Canyon

It's one of those places that you hear about all the time, that you've read about, that you've seen pictures of before...but to actually view the absolute awe inspiring scenery and vastness of the Grand Canyon - well that's something else entirely.  It's a feeling. A moment. An experience. It's a little moment of zen.  Looking out at its ... Continue Reading

Vegas Day 4: Fat To Fit (A Shopping Story)

I think it's all the larger than life lights, or the ridiculous amount of people watching, or the constant bombardment of things to do....whatever it is, we're exhausted! It was a no brainer to have a rest day today, from the gym and the strip. I'm not going to lie, staying in bed until noon felt great, a luxury almost! :) So we slept in, had our ... Continue Reading

Vegas Day 3: Boobies, Freebies And Festivities.

Doesn't 'free' always have a catch? Yes, usually. Definitely in Vegas. But depending on your personality, it might just be worth it. Are you over 28? Do you live at the same address? Oh you're Canadian? Fabulous, are you interested in any shows?  In almost every hotel, every street corner, there's someone trying to sell you something.  Mostly, ... Continue Reading