Diary Entry – Defeat And Graciouness Of Mt Kinabalu

31 Mar 2011 The taxi driver this morning was fabulous, an extremely happy and chatty man. I told him that I just came back from climbing Mt Kinabalu yesterday and he said: "You look fit, like you didn't climb the mountain!" Oh no, I replied, I climbed it, and it hurt every step of the way!".  He told me that it's a common belief that the mountain ... Continue Reading

Climbing Mt Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo

The struggle wasn't against the mountain, it was against myself. I had just quit the army, and having a fun time adjusting to 'normal' life.  Nightmares and self-doubt were frequent. My love life was a colossal mess. Climbing Mt Kinabalu was part of my own "eat,pray,love" adventure in Southeast Asia. I needed something monumental to push my limits ... Continue Reading