Ottawa Day Trip: North and South Glengarry Townships

I’ll be the first to admit that I love getting as many passport stamps as possible during the year. Traveling to foreign countries is exciting and exotic!  It can also be pricey, hectic, and chew up those vacation days.  Sooooooo if a little ‘staycation’ is your deal or if you love exploring your own backyard Ottawa – then this day trip to North ... Continue Reading

Costa Rica: A Little Glimpse of Heaven

I'm not sure if I know one person that hasn't gone to Costa Rica and come home raving about it.  In fact, I know a lot of people that simply don't come home.  Or they come home and immediately start search for property to buy down there as an escape in the winters.  Everyone loves Costa Rica. Me too. And here is WHY: ... Continue Reading

Eastern Townships: Ottawa Getaway Trip

On Monday I decided to take my mother and niece on a surprise Ottawa getaway trip for just us girls! The hints were that we were on an Ottawa getaway that involved something beautiful, something adventurous, and something which my 5 year old niece responded; "is it a unicorn?" Solid guess. ... Continue Reading

Rx: Colorado Springs, Veterans, and Spartan?

"Is there a bottom to this mountain?!?" Megg asked aloud with a serious face. Funny, I have been asking the same question about life lately. We just climbing over 2400 steps, 1.1 mile, grade up to 68%,  2100ft in elevation gain, and were now making our way down a seemingly endless trail. The landscape was beautiful, the company second to ... Continue Reading

The Healings Of Mr Ketut

Healings are a curious thing. My absolute must on this journey was to see a healer, then I want to tour the countryside.  We left at 8:30am for the short drive to see Mr Ketut.  Yes, yes, the now infamous healer featured in the book "Eat, Pray, Love".  In all honesty, he wasn't my first choice since every American in Bali made it a point to see ... Continue Reading