Mardi Gras: 5 Surprising Facts You Never Knew

Mardi Gras elicits a seemingly singular response from friends and family that revolves around the belief that going means that you are going to be letting your morals loose and your boobs free. "How did you get so many beads eh?" "Bet you partied the whole time!" "Oh ya, did you show your boobs?!?" "Better let you go so that you can get back to ... Continue Reading

Lundi Gras in New Orleans

Lundis Gras is still a big day for Carnival. My hotel is a little outside of where I want to be (a good 12 blocks away from Canal St), and if it weren’t festival season then it would be a dangerous area to walk through to get to the French Quarter. Thankfully the streets are lined with tourists and locals alike and there are cops on every ... Continue Reading

Fun Facts on Mardis Gras & New Orleans

Things I’ve learned in New Orleans during 2012 Mardis Gras celebration; This year was the largest turnout since Katrina with over one million people. Mardis Gras begins on Jan 6th, the Feast of Epiphany. This was the first year the police evoked a curfew for children 16 yrs old and under on Bourbon St. Always were close-toed shoes. Mardis ... Continue Reading

#7: Dancing in the streets during Mardis Gras, New Orleans.

19-24 February, 2012 Gritty. That’s the first word that comes to mind to describe New Orleans. It leaves you with the impression that it’s the kind of place that gives you no apologies for its nature, and you leave so intriguing that you could only want more. Before leaving for my trip I received several warning about traveling to a city with ... Continue Reading