Life List: Lethal Ladies take on a Tough Mudder!


Thanks to the Lethal Ladies (how's that for a kickass team name eh?) another Life List item is completed with gutso - hello Tough Mudder! Do you have what it takes? Tough Mudder Toronto brought to the table 17 kms, 4 hills (ski hills!), and over 20 obstacles packed into one intimidating hard-ass course!  It was grueling, challenging, and ... Continue Reading



7.5 mud laden kilometers, 3 massive steep hills, 15 grueling obstacles, 9 great friends, thousands of course mates and over 2 hours to complete.  Welcome to Ottawa's Spartan Race. Did you participate in Spartan this year? My legs are still shaking from exhaustion, taking a shower stung from all the cuts and I'm so bruised - I look tanned!!! ... Continue Reading

Life List #102: The Grand Canyon

It's one of those places that you hear about all the time, that you've read about, that you've seen pictures of before...but to actually view the absolute awe inspiring scenery and vastness of the Grand Canyon - well that's something else entirely.  It's a feeling. A moment. An experience. It's a little moment of zen.  Looking out at its ... Continue Reading

Life List #131: Run the Color Me Rad

How can running through cloud upon cloud of color in downtown Montreal with thousands of people not be a great day? It was fabulous! And full of giggles, good friends and color fights. :) Ever since seeing it advertised last year, I've wanted to do a Color Me Rad run.  Being splashed with brightly colored cornstarch that covers you head to ... Continue Reading

Life List #124: Participate In The Dirty Girl Mud Run

With over 8 200 of my closest girl friends, dressed in pink everything including tutus, we race a grueling and incredibly fun 5 km mud filled obstacle course in the rain. Ok, some of you might be asking "what is the Dirty Girl Mud Run"? In short, it's a 5km mud filled military inspired obstacle course that has heart - a minimum 2.5% of all ... Continue Reading