Birthday Goals: Getting Older Isn’t Scary, It’s Motivational AF.

Birthday goals, got any? I have twenty. Twenty lofty little goals and I'm shouting them out to give you ideas and keep my arse accountable to them... **squirrel** I looked up from ordering my usual grande-dirty-chai-latte-with-coconut-milk at Starbucks to see their new summer slogan of 'good feels good'...well shit, I should have thought of ... Continue Reading

Mindfulness Trick To Help Beat The Blues

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. It started out as a personal necessity. The winter was rough on three fronts; academically, financially, and on my health.  It was becoming increasingly hard to remain positive despite the fact that comparatively life was good.  Partly to blame is stress and adrenal fatigue. Sound familiar? I had excellent ... Continue Reading

Pranin Organic PureFood Smoothie Boosters – Review

Pranin Organic PureFood Smoothie Boosters - are they worth it? To be honest, I've been a lover of Pranin Organic pretty much since its conception.  They are a Canadian company (yay us!) that make "100% organic, non-gmo nutritional products made entirely from plants".  Entirely from can that not make you smile?!? When they ... Continue Reading

Outward Bound Veterans Program

Ok, Outward Bound Canada Veterans Program. Get me the f&*k out of here. Now. Those were my thoughts by the first night, and the second, and the third for that matter. What the H-E-double hockey sticks did I get myself into?!? I'm uncomfortable, unprepared, unsure, angry, tired, moody, overwhelmed, and out of place. This just might ... Continue Reading

Seven Little Things About Me

My best friend and I have this thing.  We say "what a difference a year can make".  Every time we think we are going to yin only to yang. Seven little things should actually be 'seven little things of the now'. Forget plans...I like saying yes to random adventures too often and my best laid plans always seem to go sideways in the most epic (and ... Continue Reading