Stop The Blame And Own Your Life.


Life. It's yours by design. Own it. It's beautiful. Ever notice that we are quick to own our accomplishments? That career? I built it.  That promotion? All me baby. That award? My blood, sweat, and tears. That great marriage? I'm the backbone that makes it what it is. This fit body? I sweat for it. We post them, tweet them, instagram them, ... Continue Reading

The Courage To Live Life


What is the way of life you love? Do you have the courage to live it? ... Continue Reading

5 Stops That Make Sundays My Healthiest Day!


Everyone celebrates Fridays, in all of its glory for finishing the work week, as my Facebook feed can attest. Fridays are great, lovely even, but this year it's Sunday that reigns supreme as my favourite health driven day! Sure, there is the notion that Sundays are for rest (and they are mostly) but with such a busy schedule (work, school, sleep ... Continue Reading

Diet Danger: A lesson to EAT MORE

Being healthy is about the best balance for YOUR body! (Source)

If I hear the over simplification that weight loss is just a "calories in/ calories out" formula and that I should eat less to lose weight...I might just lose my bananas.  It's saying that physics is just math.  Talk about an oversimplification. A statement like that is misleading. It could lead to more harm than good to someone's health.  ... Continue Reading

Resolutions – Stumbling Or Soaring?

Create healthy habits, not restrictions

New Years resolutions.  It has only been 12 days.  At first glance, I'm stumbling with mine.  Some would even say I'm failing.  Potato poh-ta-toh.  As I eat two absolutely delicious cookies the other day it briefly entered my mind that one of my new years intentions was to have no sugar for 6 weeks.  Huh.  **I thought with my cheeks stuffed like a ... Continue Reading