The Mountains Unite Us


“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” ~ Dr Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! Often people ask why on earth we hang out together.  Honestly, if we took personality or aptitude tests we'd most likely all score differently - in extremes.  We are a melting pot of varied pasts, ... Continue Reading

Rx: Colorado Springs, Veterans, and Spartan?

Fort Carson's Military Sprint Spartan Race

"Is there a bottom to this mountain?!?" Megg asked aloud with a serious face. Funny, I have been asking the same question about life lately. We just climbing over 2400 steps, 1.1 mile, grade up to 68%,  2100ft in elevation gain, and were now making our way down a seemingly endless trail. The landscape was beautiful, the company second to ... Continue Reading

Rx: Sunshine, Fresh Air, and Lamas?


Well lamas and alpacas really.  The goofiest looking animals.  Especially when the get shaved's hard to keep a straight face when looking at them. After days of being sick and tired (and tired of being sick and tired), I decided to get up and visit my parents.   Great idea really, except they weren't home.  Those goofs have better ... Continue Reading

Me? Healthy, happy, balanced? Funny.

(Photo Source)

Let me clarify - I am not a shining example of a healthy, happy, balanced life.   Sure, sure, I blog my little heart away on such things - but I am not this thing. This glossy, perfect, preachy, oh-look-at-those-abs, everything is horseshoes and unicorns thing. Nope.  Ha ha. Not me. What I am however is... ... Continue Reading

How Does Healthy Taste?

taste buds

Because really, is it me, or is the more you change your diet - the more your taste buds changes as well? All of a sudden sweet treats are too sweet, added salt is too salty, and processed foods are too plastic like. Usually as we age our taste in foods alters, however changing your diet around can make a greater impact than you might think as ... Continue Reading