Oh The Lessons Of Spartan

Spartan, oh you're a beast of a thing! There is a big difference between 5 kilometers and 5 miles.  Not only in distance but in my mindset as well. So, there we were at the starting line of the Spartan Sprint at Fort Carson when I was corrected…the course isn’t an easy 5k, but a 5 miler chalk full steep inclines. Well now, there’s a mind f**k for ... Continue Reading

Outward Bound Veterans Program

Ok, Outward Bound Canada Veterans Program. Get me the f&*k out of here. Now. Those were my thoughts by the first night, and the second, and the third for that matter. What the H-E-double hockey sticks did I get myself into?!? I'm uncomfortable, unprepared, unsure, angry, tired, moody, overwhelmed, and out of place. This just might ... Continue Reading

Today’s Workout = Shaky Legs!

Sexy little beast, non? Workout your lower body with this devil of a routine with all our fave players! Today's workout (5 Rounds!) 10 x weighted squats (optional: on bosu) 10 x deadlifts 10 x box jumps 10 x KB swings ...let the shaky legs begin...         ... Continue Reading

5 Stops That Make Sundays My Healthiest Day!

Everyone celebrates Fridays, in all of its glory for finishing the work week, as my Facebook feed can attest. Fridays are great, lovely even, but this year it's Sunday that reigns supreme as my favourite health driven day! Sure, there is the notion that Sundays are for rest (and they are mostly) but with such a busy schedule (work, school, sleep ... Continue Reading

Fitness Goals 2015

Fitness goals...seems daunting but it's that time of year! After what seemed like an eternity of becoming unfit, the holiday break was perfect to zero in on what fitness aspire to and how to achieve them.  It makes me wonder why, if we all know what's healthy for us (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc) do we sometimes opt not to? There was finally a ... Continue Reading